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Good Job Lauraine!! Lock Rss

Just wanted to say thanks to you and the team for the new site. I really like the layout and Private Message's.

I understand it would have been hard work and I appreciate that you and the team took the time to make things a bit safer.

Congrats on a great job!

Heheh I types tram instead of team! I also love the edit feature too!!
[Edited on 14/04/2007]

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What she said!
Yes it's very different but I think it is better. I for one, am giving it a good looking over and like some of the new features. Hopefully those less enthusiastic will come to be more appreciative once they've given it a chance.
(Yep, gotta love post edit features hey?!)Must admit, the only thing I miss is smileys smile

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I still stuffed up!! I typed types instead of typed!! Oh well you get the idea!!
I have to say im finding all the new things tricky but I also love them if that even makes sense? I think once the teething probs have settled it will be loved by all just as the previous forum was. Great job!
Congratulations to Lauraine and the Huggies IT team!

Great work!!!

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Post deleted by administrator.
Post deleted by administrator.
I'm with ya'll too. Sorry I had a spacky Lauraine, when I realised that my user name wouldn't work anymore. I don't like change and it took me a few hours to get used to things, but now I love love love the new site.
LOL at maria and the sticky pants. TEE HEE.

A big congratulations to everyone at Huggies. I think you've done a fabulous job & once everyone has a good look around, i'm sure they'll like it too.

A job well done.

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I didn't like the site at first but have changed my mind too. Its running much faster now yea! Seems to be pretty easy to find my way around now. I don't understand the personal message thing yet (is it meant to be like an email?)

Anyway congratulations to the huggies team!!

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