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hoping you can suggest something to purchase for a mummy who had a traumatic birth yesterday. Bubs pooed inside her and ate it.. caused an emergency c section and bubs was put on some breathing machine at 100%.. now bubs is only relying on the machine for 30% oxygen ( thank God).. Bubs was transffered to a different hospital to mum and i want to visit the new mum tomorrow...
What can i get her as a pressie.. i want something kinda original.. i was thinking a nighty but it is so preidictable!! Please help!

2 baby boyz!

maybe a nice outfit for bubs, and a bath pack for mum. the ones with the soda balls and that. If not try an appointment for a facial for when everything has settled down for her. I know it's not much but even offer to take her to see the bubs as soon as she is allowed out of the hospital.

little monkeys

i was thinking along those lines too like a beauty treatment voucher. after i had my baby i really would have liked a pedicure.


The best present I received was when my mum brought in all the stuff for a foot massage. She did the whole lot, scrubbed, polished and tidied up my neglected feet in the water, then an awesome massage with peppermint foot cream. It made me feel like a million dollars and was extremely relaxing.

The nicest gift I received when I had my first daughter was a small gold ring for my pinkie finger with my daughters name and date of birth inscribed on the inside. I had a really traumatic birth as well, it lasted for 36 hours, my daughter was born blue, not breathing and required CPR and I also had to have a blood transfusion. It was really nice to get something for me since most of the gifts were for my daughter, plus I can keep it and give it to my daughter when she is older.
thats a gorgeous idea kristy!

Even with the money side of it, something engraved is always special. It makes it personal and always nice to keep. My mum bought cohen a silver egg cup saying "happy 1st easter cohen love nanny" i think it's a beautiful idea!
I hope your friend makes a quick recovery and that her bubba comes off the oxygen soon. Poor love, it sounds so frightening for her.
Maybe you could get her a baby book to record all the milestones in or one of those Anne Geddes scrapbooks. I got one when DD was born and it was great because you didnt have to cut anythng or design anything you just picked out the templates, stuck them in the scrapbook and added the pictures. You can get them for 20 bucks from Spotlight.
First of all a bunch of flowers for a job well done, then something for pampering herself like what some of the other mums have suggested. A massage voucher and an IOU for her to say that you can look after bubs anytime while she goes to get the massage.
Your poor friend, hope bubs is going well today.

I think a nice pair of earings or some perfume would perk your friend up. The nighty is also a nice idea. Im sure she will appreciate anything for herself as all the focus will be on bubs.

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

Sounds like the type of birth my DD had exactly 4 yrs ago yesterday! (yesterday was her 4th birthday).
My DD was born after an extremely traumatic labour and emerg c section, flown by RFDS to a metro hospital and we were told she would die. Was in a coma & on life support for a few days. Honestly, I didn't want to see too many people, as all I wanted to do was see my baby.

I hope the baby is OK, and the Mum is coping, and if she's up to visitors, I'd suggest something for her and her baby. A lot of people didn't know what to give us, as it was uncertain if DD would live and even come out of hospital, so flowers seemed the go for a few days! Eventually, the gifts started, and a gold id bracelet for DD was in one of the parcels and a BodyShop pamper pack for me. Name & DOB engraved on the bracelet & if she didn't survive, it was a keepsake that had meaning.

Those same friends for our son's birth gave us a voucher for 'twinkletoes' hand & feet sculptures. That would have to be the BEST pressie I ever got. And original!!

Cheers & all the best to your friend.
Oh Teapot, that is such a terrible experience you had!! Yesterday must have been very emotional for you. Big hugs from us!!

I agree, I don't think visiting this soon is a good idea, unless you are VERY close or family! I would leave it a bit longer, send some flowers in the meantime!! I think something with orchids, I think they symbolise perfection and beauty!!

I am not sure what would make a wonderful pressie though...hmmmm...depends on how much you want to spend really. Maybe a massage for when she is all healed, or a voucher for one of those places that comes and cleans your house, I imagine she will not really be up to it for a while!

Check out they have lovely keepsake jewelery!
A really special gift would be a trolley monster voucher .au
They have a range of products that suit anybody. I recently purchased 2 cover sets for my twin pram and they look absolutely wonderful. They brighten up my pram and protect the inserts from dirty fingers, baby spillage etc.

Hope that this help you with your gift ideas. Goodluck in buying something special.

[Edited on 17/04/2007]
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