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how to lose a dummy???? please help!!!! Lock Rss

I know of a dear little 3 yr old that still has one for night time, it is a comfort for him I gather, and if it gets him off to sleep quicker - I know what I would be doing too!!!!

Crystal Jan 07

Well I must have been misinformed then. A dentist told me that dummies aren't very good for teeth.

Ok firstly I personally regret letting Moo have a dummy as she is now addicted to it lol, however a girlfriends dd only gave up her dummy this year and she turned 6 in January! Now I think that at that age it is ridiculous for the child to still have a dummy! With Tys he was 18mths old and was not having a "nummy" at day care but would ask for it as soon as I picked him up. He didnt even have it there for his sleep. Anyway I asked them what their secret was as he was having it at home all day every day and the carer said we tell him hes a big boy now! OK yes thats hould have been my decision but I took the plunge and did the same thing at home and sure he cried for a night or 2 but was over it pretty quickly. Im thinking I might do the same with Moo depending on how "clued" on she is at the same age. Good luck.
Here are just a few suggestions:

* Dummy Fairy (or any other creature) - Place a gift bag in a tree or a bush one morning and let him 'discover it' inside the bag put a little note saying that if he leaves the Dummy (all of them) in the bag the next night then she will leave him a suprise. Collect all the Dummies and put them in. The next morning go and discover a truck, or teddy or something tht he likes.

* Tough love - be a bit sneeky and cut a hole in all of his dummies. Gradually cut more and more of them untill there is nothing left to suck on. He wont like it much.

* Really Tough love - as you find one, cut the teet of and through it in the bin. He will get over it.

Hope this helps, Amy
I wouldn't recommend cutting holes in the dummy. It says on the dummy packaging that if there are any holes at all to throw them ot straight away. It can cause choking.

I have spoken to several dentists as has my mother when I was younger and the general agreement is that a dummy will just sit behind the teeth and it is soft as opposed to a thumb which will push the teeth forward over time.

Why put him and you throgh hell when he is not ready to give it up?? Also, very cruel and dangerous to start cutting holes in the dummy, that is not 'tough love', that is just nasty.
Fair enough Kate. I must have gotten the wrong info. I'm glad I do know that now, because I was starting to stress about when to get rid of it and stuff.

I do totally agree though, that cutting holes in a dummy is dangerous and nasty.

I just went cold turkey with my DD, she was 14mths at the time. Had no problems at all, after a few sleeps she totally forgot that she even had a dummy, and she was TOTALLY ADDICTED. This is the reason why we got rid of it.

Its your choice when you decide to get rid of the dummy, you should do what is best for you and your child.

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

Hi My daughter gave hers to the Easter Bunny a couple of years ago. We wrote a nice letter and the Easter Bunny wrote a letter back saying how much of a Big girl she is. No problems since. My 2nd child has never had a dummy didnt want one.
Goodluck with what you decide to do

SUZY,VIC,3yr &,2yr

I just had a thought and correct me if im wrong all of these ideas (excluding hole cutting) are great although much suited to a much older child. The child in question is 15mths surely at that age the only way to get rid of the dummy would be cold turkey. My reasoning behind this is that the child is not going to grasp the concept of a dummy fairy ect and yes replacing it with a toy is great but will the child actually understand the tokenism? OK thought over carry
My daughter turned 2 in January and has had her dummy only for sleep time since she was about 1. Last week, we went cold turkey (OK, some of you might think that is cruel) and for the first few nights she wasn't too happy about it, but she doesn't even care now. We just offered her other things to comfort her instead (she wanted her footy for a few nights!) We took it away because she had to give it up at some stage and we were forever losing them everywhere. I have heard about cutting the ends off from lots of different books, so it can't be that cruel although I wouldn't do it myself. For an older child, I have heard of a book where they give the dummy to the birds and my friend did this with her daughter (It worked). So I say good luck, it is your choice.
i was going to suggest the dummy fairy too, but someone beat me too it. i saw it on the supernanny one time and it worked a treat

apart from that im not much use because my kids never had a dummy, they wouldnt even take one when i tried to give them one!
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