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how to lose a dummy???? please help!!!! Lock Rss

at 14 months i just made DS go cold turkey it only took 3 times of trying he only cried for about 20 mins max after that he never missed it but even now if he finds one (eg some other babies) it goes in his mouth.

perhaps try giving a toy replacement a teddy or such when you take dummy away but make it washable as thay may suck on it awhile

wow havent been here for ages.

I think that if you son or daughter have a dummy let them get rid of it on their own. Kids eventually grow out of everything why not let them grow out of this. My daughter will be 3 tomorrow and still has dummy for sleep time. I believe that she will give it up when she is ready and not before ( she is also very stubborn lol). Why do parents feel that all of a sudden their babies dont need dummies after havng them for so long?

if it's only for sleep time whats the problem? It only ends up falling out of their mouths just after falling asleep and they dont complain for the rest of the night. let them be children dont make them grow up so quick.

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Wow some people take other peoples opinions wow to extreme! Everyone has there opinion and in my point of view i was answering a mothers opinion on how to get RID OF the dummy and that's what I was answering. Sure I could have said let him be a baby and have it but obviously she wants it gone and that's the point that had to be answered.

Ankie - I agree with you also but in our case that didn't work. At 4 years old and starting school next year I think there is a line that has to be drawn when interfering "taking it off them" has to come in. For social reasons if nothing else.

We tried the whole letting her grow out of it and it was working until we had another bub and she wanted it straight back. How long would this keep going on? Until we stop having new babies?

The point is it works with some kids and it doesn't work with other kids. I took it of my 2 year old and it hasn't made him "grow up" any quicker. He is still the same 2 year old that he was with it but with less stress and hassle at sleep time and going out making sure we had a dummy.
Hi there sarahadam,

I have to agree with you everyone has their own opinion how about other people keep their comments to themselvs instead of trying to sound like they no everything. a lady asked for help so we are just giving our advice and how we did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cheers to some of what you say Logans Mummy.

I certainly do not agree with cutting holes in dummies though, yuck!

Just been reading all the posts & I have also been thinking about getting rid of the dummy. My DD on uses it at night time but only to go to sleep. During the night she spits it out and thats it.

To the other mums against this. Each mother is to their own decision in what they want for their child. We dont like it when other people critisize what we do or how we do things with our children, so why do it to Helen.

Good luck Helen. I wish you all the best.

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i work in child care. what i would do is explain to him that babies have dummies and big boys dont. hear that a 3yr old flushed hers away. Im lucky alexis got rid of his early and spat it at me. good luck.


Sorry to say, but 15 months old IS a baby! I also don't think that a 15 months old would 'get' the concept of 'I am a big boy, I don't need a dummy'.
Posted by: cassie82
i work in child care. what i would do is explain to him that babies have dummies and big boys dont. hear that a 3yr old flushed hers away. Im lucky alexis got rid of his early and spat it at me. good luck.


flushed it away i hope thats just a figure of speech there and she didnt actually do that.surely that cant be good flushing dummys down the loo.
We've had santa take dummies, and the easter bunny take bottles - it's always with plenty of warning and talk leading up to it, and naturally they get sometihng in return - DS2 got a lovely peter rabbit mug to have his milk out of instead. The fairy sounds like a good idea, as long as it's not a sudden thing without warning.

My eldest chucked his himself when it popped. We'd bought some of the cheaper ones to have as emergencies when we travelled to the UK and after we got home, as they popped he'd throw them in the bin. Didn't faze him in the least. However, my 2.5 year old still has his dummy for sleeping and i'm not bothered about taking it away from him. He doesn't walk around with it in his mouth (which is a pet peeve of mine!) so we're happy.

And, yes, thumb sucking is bad for teeth, but again it depends on 'how hard' the thumb is sucked. I sucked mine for a LLLLOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGGGG time (wont say when i stopped, but it wasn't early!) and my teeth are perfect. Mine was more or less just resting in my mouth, but i have heard of kids who suck so hard that they cause their thumbs to blister.

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Well, my DD is 3 in July and she still has her dummies! Not that I like them, as she usually has to have them with her all day. I am a wimp and keep thinking I will take them off her but never do. We are thinking of trading them in at the pet shop for some fish - one for each dummy (she has about 5)and then if we find a crusty one somewhere we will go and get another fish!
She calls them her pets and sometimes her boys. She must have her pink one, blue one and white one or else there is hell to pay. They also make her breath stink.
I personally wish that I had of been stonger and got rid of them before she made such a personal attatchment to them like she has.
I also think it is a mothers decision to decide when to try and wean bub off them, just like it is their decision to wean from BF, or to bottle feed or BF, to steralise or not to, when to move to a cot, to co sleep or not. Lets not attack our original poster for wanting to make a decision, but maybe offer solutions as was asked.
I have enjoyed reading the suggestions here so far and hopefully will have the stamina soon to go through with either our idea or one from here.

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gemmagirl - I love the idea about the fish! Lol that's so cute. And i agree with you on the whole breath thing. My kids love cleaning there teeth but with my daughter especially I don't know if it was because of her being older made her breath stink. I think it's from all the spit that can get into the dummy and everything lol
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