Hi there
I hope I'm not too late to jump into this discussion with a further question.

My daughter is 3 months and although i have no problem at all with her using a dummy, it seems i have accidently made her a dummy addict. She's been sleeping through for weeks, however in the last week or so she's started to wake during the night and silly me took the easy option and whacked the dummy back in her mouth. As I said, I don't necessarily want to get rid of the dummy altogether, but i'm really not keen on getting up several times a night to give her a dummy when previously she was self settling!! So, my question is, do you think in order for her to lose the night-time obsession, do i need to go cold turkey on use of the dummy altogether, or is it just a matter of not getting up during the night and coping with the few nights of screaming until she gets over it?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.