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A beautiful song by Celine Dion called 'Fly' we played it at our sons funeral.The words are just beautiful

Butterfly kisses has certainly proven to be popular. I danced with my father to that song at my wedding for our father daughter dance. My dad is the biggest scariest looking guy and even he was moved by that. Or at least i think he was, it could of been that i kept standing on his feet with very spiky heels. lol. Another song that is really special to me is "You're still the one" by shania twain. My husband and I danced to that as one of our two first dances together as husband and wife. It really suits us. As we got together in highschool as 14 years old and when we got engaged at 18 alot of people told us we were crazy and that we wouldn't make it to the wedding date and if we made it passed it would be all over and done with before our first wedding anniversary. Well I'm happy to say they were wrong. We have been together 8 years next month and married for almost three years. We have two beautiful little babies and are even happier now then the day we were married.

Also anyone that was looking for the Celine Dion Miracle cd. If you have a local Avon consultant in your area contact them. I already had the cd from when it was originally released. a few weeks a go my friend who is a avon consultant gave me the anne geddes and celine dion combination book/cd/dvd. It is the most beautiful thing. and is valued at $25. Give it a try and see if there is any left if your interested.
i Love Angel of mine by monica it was my wedding song walked down the isle to it playing. i practiced it for months and months on end and know every word to it so everytime it plays i remember that special day its so amazing when a song playes it means something to each person in many different ways

Off the top of my head

Bulls on Parade - RATM
Superhero - Ani Difranco
Napolean - Ani Difranco
Doll Parts - HOLE
High and Dry - Radiohead
I will Always Love You - Oiginal Dolly Parton version
Im a big sook too but the main songs to have me bawling like a baby are

I get lost in your eyes by Debbie Gibson which my sister and I used to sing constantly to our baby brother in the days before his death, it was then played at his funeral

The other is actually a nursery rhyme, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, which was sung by request of a 6 year old girl at her baby sisters funeral late last year. The whole church was sobbing after the first line.
Just thought of another instant tear jerker

Hero by Mariah Carey, was very inspirational when I was getting back on my feet after separating from DS dad 11 years ago
I have a few but the couple that spring to mind are
John Lennon - Imagine
Bryan Adams - Heaven
Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven

i have thought of a couple more.
when my kids are born i give them a song my sons is
Beautiful Boy- John Lennon
daughter is Yellow- coldplay, cause she was all skin and bones when born, and it seemed fitting.
i hate to say this but i havent got a song for my other 3 kids...
Oh I love a good cry to a beautiful song. Off the top of my head: [list]The day you went away - Wendy Matthews The Arms of the Angels - Sarah McLachlan More than words - Extreme Save a Prayer - Duran Duran Victims - Culture Club Stay - Lisa Loeb Im not supposed to love you anymore - Bryan White[/list] And yes I am an 80s-music-tragic, hehehe!

I have to agree with the Eric Clapton pick, ESP in regards to what the song is about, I cry EVERY TIME!!

I have thought a lil more...

Working Class Hero - John Lennon
Oh Happy Day - Nick Cave cover/splice
Fat Bottom Girls - QUEEN
ok for an inspirational song, this is going to sound silly but it sound like my life sometimes and i think that they are from SA helps too

but, The hard road - hilltop hoods

also Everybody hurt - REM altime favourtie
into my arms - nick cave and the bad seeds
when you come - crowded house

one that hubby and i both love is Mad World from Donnie Darko, cant remember who does it off the top of my head but the film clip is amazing
Love your picks Moos mum!!

I LOVE REM!! My partner hates them though, too bad for me! I used to HATE Nick Cave, but he has some amazing ballads!!

Loved Donnie Darko too wink
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