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Males in childcare Lock Rss

I wanted to find out what you thought about males being childcare workers. Do you know of any?

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I knew one that I worked with. He was a bit strange, but overall I think it is a good idea and there should be more of them as I think it is good for the kids.
None in any of the kindy's around us. I think its a shame as it would be nice for my DD and other kids to have a male role model in that environment. I suppose you would have to be a special kind of guy to get into that work. I also think because the money isn't that great and being more opportunities for men in general, there isn't much attracting them to the line of work.

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Hi Tamcor,
DS's teacher at his childcare centre is a male. He is late 30's and has children himself and I think he is great and DS does too (tells me Mr Craig is his best friend!).

His centre was taken over by a private owner last year and before it was, there were two younger (early 20's) male teachers working there.

I did feel a bit strange about it at first but once I got to know them, I found them to be just as good as the ladies.

May I ask why you want to know?


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I used to work in a childcare centre alongside a male assistant. He was like a big kid himself and the children responded really well to him. I agree there should be more men in childcare however there is a huge stigma surrounding it. I mean honestly why question a male in childcare when you wouldnt look twice at a male teacher?
Tysmoo, I suspect that comes from the type of ppl who think all gays are pedophiles, (sad and uninformed).

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its similar to the thing that all male nurses are gay (btw there is only one gay male nurse at my hospital and he is great)

but back to the main topic, at the kindy where my son is the director is a male and it is great, I think it is fantastic for my son to have another male role models in his life, as through school there isnt many, he would be in his early 30's and is very receptive to the kids needs and approachable too which is great, i think that im very lucky to be able to give my son that sort of influence in his life because i know it doesnt happen that often
MY DD and DS have a male teacher in their childcare facility and it hasnt ever bothered me he also writes kids books so has been great with helping DD as she is starting to read as he has an interest in that kind of stuff. My DD also has male swimming teachers and I have to say thats better for her. She responds better to them for some reason.

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I know of a few and I think it is great. They add a different element to the centre and it is great for the boys to have a male role model. They bring different ideas and are great to have around.

Working in childcare, I wish there were more males in the industry. But realistically there never will be because it is such a low paying job compared to others.

Although to really answer this question to help the reason you are asking it, I think I would need just a little more info lol!
At DD and DS's childcare centre, there are 2 males working there. One of them, "L", is in their room. DS has really bonded with "L" and tells us that "L" is his "best friend". He has kids of his own, so he's had first hand experience, which is great. I have to admit, I was a bit surprised to see a male at the centre - let alone two! but now I can see that both of these male carers love their work and love the kids they look after. Even the other male who is not in my kids' room knows my twins and can tell me what they have been up to during the day. So, based on our experience, I think it's great having male childcare workers.

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its fantastic our preschool has 1 young trainee guy the kids love him and he is great with them

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I'm not sure how I'd handle a male child care worker, I guess I'd have to get to know them and see what vibe I got.

RE: Male nurses, I had a male MIDWIFE, yes a guy. Initially it really put me off and I thought he had to be gay but no, straight as with a girlfriend (more a little off putting when found out he was straight and not bad looking). So they say your dignity goes out the window with child birth, well mine sure did. In the end I had to have emergency c'section and you should have seen my DH face when Ben (midwife) had to prepare (shave my pubic hair) the area. OMG.

Anyway sorry for long rant, guessing I would get used to a male Childcare worker eventually.

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