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Males in childcare Lock Rss

There are no males at the child care centre my daughter goes to but I wouldnt have a problem if there were. I think it would be good for kids to mix with both male and female "teachers" from a young age. My neice who started school last year, has a male teacher this year, and my sister had a few problems with her not wanting to go to school and it turned out it was 'cos the teacher was male - its her first experience with a male outside of family and friends and she was unsure. The problem would be alleviated if there were more males employes in child care and kindy.

When I was working in a Childcare Centre before DD1, there were three Uni trainee teachers looking for experience with younger ones, two women and one man, they each planned to swap rooms so one was in each room for a week at a time, baby room, toddler room, kinder room, the problem was too many parents complained about the male being there although ALL the children loved him... the manager of the centre had to let all 3 go with out telling them why, but it was such a shame to lose an eager male worker who would have benefited so much for his career teaching by being there because of some narrow minded parents sad

Sare, DD1 1.03, DD2 4.06, DS edd 6.07

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