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Hi everyone,

My girl has decided that its cool to sleep on her tummy all night. unfortunately it means in the morning that she is wet from her chest to her knees when she gets up and so is her bedding!! I don't want to have to strip her bed every day!!!
Does anyone have any ideas??

Hannah 09.06.06, Liam 10.08.08

You could do as the hospitals do & place a waterproof sheet on top of usual sheet than place a half sheet on top of that.
Then in morning all you change is the half sheet & waterproof instead of the whole bedding.

mum to 5

Sorry if this a stupid question but why is there a difference when she sleeps on her tum ? My little man sleeps on his belly all the time and there is no difference in wetness from when he sleeps on his back, is it different for girls ?

Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07

Yeah, I was also wondering how/why she is wet.
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I found this with my DS2. Anytime he sleeps on his tummy the [email protected] is generally wet. I think it is because when on their back the pee goes towars the back of the [email protected] but on their tummy it would go towards the front and towards the front there isn't as much padding as there is towards the back IYKWIM...

Have you tried using the next size up in [email protected]?? I was told this cn work.

Just a theory....


I would go up a size in the nappies, even if your bubs fits into the size category this is just a guideline. Whenever my dds have had leakage problems I have done this and it works.

This used to happen to my DD, she sleeps on her tummy but with bum in the air so all the wee ends up in the front section and ended up overflowing. We've now started using [email protected]@ies at night and have no more leaks and use [email protected] during the day as are cheaper.

i have a similar problem DS always overflows no matter how he sleeps.

i use beebees nappy liners but i can't get them at shop anymore order them from

or maybe your supermarket stocks them they are an extra liner kind of like a big santi-pad but no backing so will flow into nappy when full.

possibly try an old facewasher in leiu of also

hope this helps!

for your daughter why not try a boys [email protected] nappy at night as all the crystals are at the front rather than underneath for a girl. We also make sure that we pull the front of the nappy up higher so it is longer and not to have a 2 piece pajamas as where the elastic touches the nappy it tends to leak out so we are using snugtime all in one sleep suits and have not had a leak for ages, where as it use to be a couple of mornings a week i would have wet bubs and cots.


I agree with Mars, go up a size. My dd sleeps on her belly also and started leaking so i got the next size up and no more leaks!!
if she isnt ready for the next size buy a decent brand like huggies to put on her at night and then put the larger size nappy of a cheap brand on over topor even a small sized pullup works but is more expensive. Both of my boys had a problem with being wet in the morning until I doubled the nappies. You might also want to try a cloth nappy and pilchers over top or even those reusable nappies with the vercro that you wash. Just idead hope they work for you

Connor 24/1/03, Oliver 8/6/04, Zachary 5/12/07

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