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Water shortage???? Lock Rss

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OMG. People just dont take this seriously enough. the government doesnt seem to care. We were living in Toowoomba a few months age and they have been on level five water restrictions for i think six months. Where we are now (caboolture area QLD) has just gone onto level five water restrictions. The thing is the rules seem to be different. In toowoomba you cant water your plants with a bucket unless its grey water and your only supposed to use greywater on your potplants. You can only use other water for things like washing dogs houses, wheelie bins, windscreens and mirrors on cars only. So really only for hygeine and safety purposes.
But here they have some thing that everysecond day you can bucket water your plants.

And im not sure about cars but i was really annoyed when i was walking to pick bubby up from daycare and i saw this young girl out (with a bucket, but still) with her hotted up car washing it. I mean at least she was using a bucket, but if you saw the car u wouldnt have even called it dirty at all.

We are really, really water consious. We have a front loader and i try to do the shortest load possible. esspecially if the clothes arnt very dirty.
All the taps, showerheads etc are water saving.
I either put bubby in the shower with me and daddy takes him when hes clean or bath him in the laundry tub.
We did have a greywater system going when we were in toowoomba and all the shower water and washing water went in that and then onto the garden.
We are getting one put in here soon. My partners dad makes them out of a 200 litre drum i think. and puts a pump in it so when it fills up you can just have a sprinkler out on the garden and it has the floaty thing like on a cows trough except opposite. so you dont even have to worry about it. When it gets full the pump starts and when it gets nearly empty the pump stops. or if you turn the pump of you can wait til it fills up and then use it like a hose on the garden.
When we had it in toowoomba our lawn was sooo green. The only thing about that was when it rained we had to mow the lawn a lot. And people would always drive past and stare when you had it going as a sprinkler.

Its good to see that a lot of others are concerned. We can all do our little bit to help. Its a pity that some people are selfish and just dont care though.

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Im in SA and we are on level 4 restrictions, but will be moving to level 5 on the 1st of July if we dont get any decent rain by them. The forecast this morning was rain from today through to Monday so you can only hope. Mind you its half cloudy/sunny here today and 26, def. doesnt look like its going to rain. We have done a few things to try to save water, like holding back on dishes until we know we have a full lot to do, taking shorter showers, flushing the toilet only when really necessary and I bought a hose for my washing machine so when I wash the water goes onto the lawns rather than just down the drain.

Mel I tried looking at the artile you posted but the link didnt work? Would be interested in reading it if you can post it again, or tell me where to find it.

Hi guys
I too think that we need to do more about the water problem. I also think that it was left to long before actions were taken.
I personally think that the government needs to make it compolsary for all shopping centres to run off tanks as you think how much water would be getting used daily in the toilets there let alone all the businesses put together. I also think that they need to build more catchments in the areas that have the most rain. Like for example where I live its rare for rain but on the other side of the city where my inlaws are they get rain heaps more.
Can someone also explain to me why we can not use sea water for putting out fires or to use for things other than human consumption. And it really shits me when you see people watering. Is grass really that important to people cause if it is come and look at my yard that has the driest dirt that I can't even keep my dog clean or its water as the dust flys into the water. And don't get me started on trying to hang out my washing without the dog flicking it onto the clothes and then you don't want to have to wash them again cause that would mean more water.

I am constantly thinking about what I am using and wheter I can avoid using too much, and more people should be also.

Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon

[b][color=brown]Sorry I should also say that I really feel for the farmers out there and I am willing to pay that bit extra as long as its not the government benefiting from it.[/b][/color]

Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon

Our house usually relies solely on rainwater, and we've just had about 17 drops. Our tanks are empty, and we desperately need the rain. Currently, we're using the water from our local town supply, but only until it rains. We don't take ANY water from the river Murray, and yet we pay a River Murray Levy on our water rates.

Hopefully it rains soon...

and whoever said about John Howard showering with a bucket in his shower? How do you know he doesn't?
No the greywater system is just homemade. It costs a bit to make though because it has a pump in it etc. But it is really worth it. Im not sure if you can buy anything like it. Ive never heard of anything.
Some people add an extra hose to there washing machines but ive been told that the pump on them wasnt made for that and it can stuff up your washing machine trying to pump it out unless the hose is going downhill.

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I have no idea about water restrictions due tot he fact the i live in tropical NT and it rains for 6months of the year and at the moment the road into our community is flooded and you cannot acctually drive out. If i could show you ladies some of the flooding photos from feburary this year you would be shocked at the amount of water left "lieing around"

I dont know that i could live anywhere else becuase of the fact that i have never had to have any restrictions on my water usage and so i never have. Last yr our dam was overflowing.

I was one of those stupid people who said "why dont they just just make a really large pipe and pipe water from the NT down south"
But i have since been told that it isnt really possible and would cost way too much.

anyways my 2 cents.
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I have been told it isnt really pluasable(sp),
but even if just for the 6 months of the year it rains all the time (like now it is raining) they had a massive dam somewhere around near katherine and then sent the water to the dams down south it would fil you guys up. and we wouldnt even notice it was gone, although it might keep the roads open if we were using the water.
the thing about here is that our water basin isnt very deep, so the ground fills up very quickly and the water is left lying aroudn on the surface, i mean even if you had just our februarys rain your dam would probably be full again.
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