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need help with invitations Lock Rss

hey im planing a baby shower for my friend in the next couple of months and i need help with the invitations. so im askin if any 1 knows any invitation programs or ne thing like that i wanted to personalise it and put a photo of her on the front so if ne 1 could help me that would be great thanx guys!!
Do a google search ofr baby shower invitations and heap of sites will come up (I just did it then).
I did some for some daughters 3rd birthday and found some great sites where you could personalise and create your own, then print them off. Good luck with it.

there is someone on huggies that does great invitations!
Im sure the last post i saw said that she would do it free for huggies mums provided that if someone asks u refer her on.
think her name was kate80 or something similar
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