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Hi mums,
hoping you can please help.
tonight when bubs got home from daycare we were playing and he hit his head against the wall and did a MASSIVE cry ( the one when they dont take a breath for ages). He was kicking his legs like crazy. Then he stopped and his eyes rolled back and he went to pass out but i called his name and he came back. He then kept trying to shut his eyes.
I kept him awake for 15 mion and he was ok. It was bedtime so i have now put him to bed.
i am FREAKIN out. Do you think it was because he held his breath for so long or was unconcious???
He is sleeping now ( keeps waking though) and i dont know wether to take him to the docs/hospital.
Any advice is MUCH appreciated
thanks again

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bec take him to the hospital. for your own peace of mind, if nothing else, otherwise you will stress all night which wont do you any good either, you wont loose anything by taking him

give him big feel better hugs

luv b
You poor things, that sounds terrible. Not that I have been through that, but I would strongly suggest you take him to the hospital, I don't think you can ever be too careful with a bump to the head. Hope the little treasure is ok.
I agree with Moo and Bubbles Mummy. If you are still worried take him to hospital. If he is sleeping peacefully and you feel he is OK now, let him go, check on him regularly, and if you still are concerned, take him.

I was nesschunky, sometimes I'm "Still AmyNicsMum"

Hey Bec,
Did he hit his head really hard or do you think he got more of a fright? I think it is a good sign that he keeps waking up (probably has a headache poor little thing) but I guess only you know your son. If it were me, I would go to the hospital just to be safe.

I hope he is ok.

My babies are all grown up sad

oh i was hoping you would be here... what woudl you do?? I dont want to wake the little fella.. he has a runny nose to and has only slept 45min all day...
Do you think he will be ok if i dont take him? Do you think it would be from holding his breath?

2 baby boyz!

its hard to say bec, i usually tell people if your worried go, otherwise you wouldnt have thought of it, i dont really do much with kids (except my own) so i dont like to say

do you have a parent help line at all you can call. if not i will give you the SA number, its free call and open 24hrs a day
I would take bubs to hospital. I think you will find the hot line might suggest it, especially from the reactions you described. They tend not to take risks with head related injuries. Better to be safe than sorry I say.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Post deleted by administrator.
Gettin teary just thinkin about the support here ( may be a combination of pregnant, tired and injured bubs. Its overwhelming.

I tried the tresillian line but was on hold for 10 years....
my mum said to keep checking on him. It is so cold outside i dont want to take him out as he will get more sick..

It is so ressuring to know that their is online support available... It means alot.

I also think he make keep waking from a headache. I feel sick to the stomach. I am to scared to give him medicene as i want him to be alert if you know what i mean...
Also makes me wonder if anything happened at daycare today???? he has only been there 2 days..
Thanks again mummies. You are lifesavers. Just to get it off my chest made me feel a whole lot better

2 baby boyz!

Have you contacted this mob? Even if you aren't in ACT or NSW, they can help - they are excellent and there is usually no wait.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

If your worried you can ring your local emergency department and speak to a Dr, or you can ring the ambulance station (direct not 000) and they will give you advice aswell. It is hard to say if it was him holding his breath or the knock that caused his eyes to roll ect. Either is possible but without actually seeing it happen it really is hard to tell.
If you dont want to wake him call someone for a second opinion.
I hope your little one is ok and well
Cheers Ness
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