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hcg levels in early pregnancy Lock Rss

hi just found out i am pregnant yesterday. only 4 weeks so very eary but very excted! my hcg levels were 850 yesterday. love to hear from anyone who knows if this is good or not and how high yours all were in early preg...

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Hi rebecca j - congratulations, great news. I thought I had my blood results here from my early pregnancy but I can't find them. I seem to recall my hcg levels being >1000 at 10 weeks, so yours is pretty normal. Apparently hCG levels double every 24-48hours, unsure to what level.
I do know that a non-pregnant hCG level is <5

Congrats again, hope all goes well and will keep my eyes to the site to find out how it all goes and what you have.

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congrats on your good news!! when are you due?

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hi rebecca,
those numbers are great do not be concerened.
your due around the same time as my friend and she had hers taken at 4 weeks and hers were 682 and now at 6 weeks they are 22,000 so im sure that yours are fine.


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