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WhAt ColOuR Is YoUr HaIr??? Lock Rss

Mine is purple, magenta with blonde... !!
Cool, Mine is boring Brown with blonde highlights. Am thinking about going red for winter though
Cheers Ness
As an ex hairderesser last month it was platnium blonde, this month it is rich auburn...but I have had every colour except blue and green. Every shade of blonde, red, purple and browns. From a level of 10 down to a level of 1.
Now that I am no longer in a salon my hair is actually long for once!!


Mine is purple base, fire truck red and white foils.
Boring brown - I sooo need to go to the hairdresser!!

Blonde... again... was dark until 2mths ago
Mum2twins, I know the feeling! Ive been every colour and the chart and then some lol!

Kate - urs sounds cool. where abouts do u get it done in Bendigo? I ve heard Spa 11 is good.. :--)))
I go to the hair shop in GSq. Have not been to Spa 11, but my cousin's g/f works there, she might be in charge? Not sure.
Oh is her name Jodie??? I know some of the girls that work there.
Jo, she is nice, like superdooper a little OTT nice!!
Long, black, and unruly! Desperately needs attention..
Oh yep i know the girl u mean. She is nice. One of my old friends works there. Susie.
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