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WhAt ColOuR Is YoUr HaIr??? Lock Rss

U know what I mean about OTT nice then? I said to my aunty, can someone really be that nice?? LOL
LOL!! yeah i know what ya mean!! I did laugh a few times when i was in there just after it opened.
I was wearing hot pink fishnets with pointy toed kitten heels and an asymetrical skirt and she couldnt stop telling me how cool it looked. And i just wanted her to shut up and get over them!! lol!
LOL yep, that's her!! hehehe, the was she gushed over Jaz and Zach when she met them, OMG!! And she is soooooo excited about coming to Jaz's fairy party!! LOL
Ohhhhhh i lurve fairy parties!!! Is it Jazz's B day soon Kate?
Yep, she turns 2 on Wednesday and big party Sunday week, we are having Jaz's 2nd birthday and Zach's christening on the 6th, am looking forward to it.

Sorry to take over your thread!!
Oh wow!! Happy Birthday to Jazz for Wednesday! And Happy Christening for Zach!! :--))

Oh dont worry about the thread, it was great to chat again, but i have to get going im going into QV for some stuf.
TC Kate!
Thanks!! Yep, sure was good to chat again!

Ok, what color is your hair ppl!!
Mine changes with the seasons. It is a reddish/blonde/brown coour. It naturally goes darker red in winter and lighter auburn in summer. It used to be all blonde but changed within a year. I have school photos from year 8 where it is a light blonde, and year 9 it is a dark red. I wish it stayed blonde lol.

Mine is natural red with blonde foils but thinking of going a browny reddy colour for winter with caramel foils!!

Brown, with some highlights...Umm no no just went and checked... The highlights have grown out! I really need to go to the hair people! Might go darker with some reddy chunks.
mine is really boring just brown at the moment.

I really need to get to the hairdresser

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Mine is really short and Blonde smile

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