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Wet Nurses Lock Rss

I have heard that in the old days there were ladies that were known as Wet Nurses. These ladies would care for and breastfeed the babies of the wealthy. But thought that this whole thing went out with slaves. So I was quite shocked when I seen on the telly this morning that they have Wet Nurses in America. They are paying ladies $1,000.00 a week to become a Wet Nurse. They also have milk banks where you can send off your breastmilk and donate it for prem babies that their mothers for one reason or another can not breastfeed them. You do get screened like when donating blood for any diseases and they want your history. The donated milk gets pasturised before being delivered to the receipiant

I want to know
~ would you breastfeed someone elses child?
~ would you donate your milk?
~ does this all seem a bit strange to you?

Okay my thoughts are
No way could I breastfeed a child that isn't mine. I think this is over stepping a boundary.
I don't think that I like the idea of giving/donating my milk.
Yes it does seem strange but can see the benefits of the donated milk for the premature babies. I just can not get why you need wet nurses when there is formula.


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OK, now I hear that there is a milk bank operating in QLD, but not other states (I'm sure that I heard that somewhere). I personally think that it is a fantastic idea, a. because I had a prem baby and saw women who couldn't get enough of a supply up b. because I had sooooo much milk and would have donated some if I could for no pay what so ever. I don't think that I would actually feed another baby from the breast though. I would give my child someone elses milk if it was available and I didn't have enough (It is screened for diseases, etc). Great idea and more of these milk banks needed for sure.
No I couldn't feed another child from my breast but I would have donated milk if I had an excess in supply - unfortunately didn't have enough to feed one hungry bub let alone donate. There is a milk bank running from John Flynn Private Hospital here on the coast. The milk is given to sick and premmie babies and it has shown to help them alot. The women who donate are not expected to give alot, only so much per day and are well cared for from what I know and there baby always comes first.

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Nope, could never bf another baby.
I medically can not produce enough milk (20-40mls per day, and that was on a good day), so no, I would not/could not donate!
Yes, it is strange and weird BUT I can see the benefits of this practice and I would take someone elses milk(not from their boob) for my bubby if it was sick and that was a last resort, as I do think it would make me feel quite useless not to be able to b/f my sick bub, kwim?
I wish I could have donated my excess milk...I had bags of it sitting in the deep freeze and I had to throw away a fair bit of it...I was basically a cow.
I think it is a [email protected]@dy brilliant idea to have a breast milk bank available for sick and preemie babies, gives them that bit more of a fighting chance.
I would not choose to b/f another child but of course I would if the bizzare situation had ever arisen that there was a screaming hungry child and I was only thing around to feed it eg stranded somewhere and the mother of another baby could not feed her child cause they did not have formula or her milk supply was inadequate.IYKWIM I think we all would if it was a life and death situation for a baby that needed milk.


I'd happily donate my milk if I was to have excess (had to stop b/feeding at 8 weeks due to not enuf milk), but I could never breast feed another baby, it just wouldnt feel right.

I think the milk banks are a great idea, for those that are comfortable and happy to donate.

Well i don't know if this is the same thing but my mum adpoted a little baby girl at 6 weeks old when she was in her 20's. She still had milk left from my brothers so she breastfed her too.

Re the Milk Banks, fantastic to see... I was one with PLENTY of milk, and my bubba's were thoroughly chubby from it. Was a plentiful supply and would happily have donated it. (in actual fact, my youngest is over 2 and stopped feeding 18mths ago, I still have milk... can get 30-40mls per side at a time... (not that I've expressed, but just release in shower iykwim).

Re the feeding another child that's not biologically my own... the jury is still out for me... I actually think if I were in the position to adopt, and I could feed that child, I would. Why should that child not have what my others have had, just because it's not biologically mine.

As for feeding someone elses bub, NO WAY. Not even if they asked me to do it for their bub.
I wouldn't breastfeed someones elses baby especially as a job and I wouldn't want someone else to feed my baby. I can understand in the old days how wet nurses would be popular but not these days when formula is available.

I would donate my milk and I wish I did. I had DS in John Flynn where they have a milk bank but I guess I never got around to it. I will have to think about it for my next bub.

It doesn't seem strange to me but at least with formula, you know what your baby is drinking but with someone else feeding your baby, who knows what their diet is.
I dont think I could feed another persons baby, but if I had heaps of milk then I would definately donate. My friend said she had so much milk, and hated to see it go to waste. I think its a great idea. (Milk banks)

my mum donated breast milk when my brother was little. He was very premmie and had medical problems. The majority of women on my mum's side produce way too much milk so it wasn't that bad. However it is now something that she doesn't think that she would do if it was todays day and age. This is mainly due to the diseases that are now circulating and would hate to have passed it on to other children, esp with the fact that some kids may not tolerate it. I think that if she did do it she would like to meet the parents so she could find out if they felt uncomfortable with it.

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1) Yes I would b/f someones child if it had to be done.
2) Yes I would definitely donate milk
3) I'm sorry but I don't have a problem. If my baby was fighting for it's life and I couldn't feed it, then yes donor milk would be fantastic.

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