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Hi mums,

I have decided to buy my daughter an night light, i don't really want a lamp as they are way to bright!!! Anyway just wondering what sort everyone had and if they liked them. Some i have looked at look so small and look like they would give off a tiny bit of light. Hope someone can help me out

Thanks in advance
My kids both have ones that plug into the powerpoint - I think the brand is "dreambaby". You can find them at big w in the baby section where all the safety locks etc are. I've found them great as they are not as bright as a lamp, but bright enough so you can see.
We use one of those glow egg lights. they're great because they're not too bright but you can still see when you pop your head in. they sell them at Big W for $30 but i just bought a second one off ebay for $10 all up.
We use one of the glow eggs also except ours is in the shape of a heart. Our DS actually takes it into bed with him when he goes down and I put it back into the holder when I go to bed. They are great as they don't get hot and are pretty indestructible when it comes to kids.

We have the set of 3 egg ones in the lounge and they get tossed and rolled everywhere with no problem.

I have the Dreambaby one, it has a pink glow! You can see pretty clearly but maybe I only think that cos have been using it for 2 years now...
stay away from the dreambaby plug in sensor ones we were constantly changing the bulb and i could only find the bulbs at project lighting, we use the egg light now.
Hi for ds I brought a special globe which looks just like a normal one except when you turn it on its full light turn it off and on again and it slowly dims over a period of time (say 15mins) to a soft glow or switch it off and on agin for the soft glow straight away. I purchased it for about $10 when he was 1yrs and now 6 years later its still going strong. I even forget to turn it off at times. Oh and its just plugged into his lamp.
We also use one of the glow eggs in Emily's room only hers is in the shape of a teddy bear and it's great. Lets out enough light to see by but it's not too bright and I figure when she is older and toilet trained she will be able to take it with her to see in the dark, of course this could lead to all sorts of Nocturnal wanderings hmmmmmm Oh well hehe. I love the fact that it can be removed from it's base and that it can be switched off so if we go camping or anything we can charge it up and take it with us if we are going somewhere with no power.

Oh almost forgot we got it from Big W and it only cost about $16.
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Yeah l have the dreambaby ones too, and it is true you are constantly changing the globes - very costly!
I bought one at Ikea for about $7 (I think, can't really remember now) but it was dirt cheap.
Its a little head with a smiley face and ears and you can get it in red, blue or green. (I've got the blue one)
It plugs into the mains to charge and you can unplug it once charged and it works for about 8 hours. (or you can leave it plugged into the mains).

It casts just enough light to be able to see them. Not bright at all, kinda dreamy.

How strange that some of you have had trouble with the Dreambaby lights - my DS has had his for about 3yrs and it's still going strong and I've never had to replace the globe - to be honest I didn't even know you could replace them. Maybe there are some faulty ones around???
Jas, well you are very lucky! Our twin boys both have them and have had to change the globes numerous times!
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