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Help does anyone know how to take mud stains out of clothes (clay mud). I have tried nappy san and scrubbing it with soap.

Try rubbing in shampoo leave for about 30mins and wash as normal this will bring out most things.
Cheers Ness
For stubborn stains I use White King bleach solution (diluted ready to use) spray it on, leave for a couple of mins or longer If white clothing, rinse and wash as normal.

I know it sounds a bit extreme but is suprisingly gentle on clothes, I use truck wash, you buy in a 4 litre bottle and I use RL18 brand, I don't think it really matters that's just what DH buys.
I use it on mud, oil & grease stains and it alway seems to work, you can either put 2 capfuls in your wash or dilute and soak. It also gives you washing machine a clean as well!
If my kids spill anything on their white clothes eg.spag bol, chocolate or tomato sauce I spray exit mould on it and then just wash as normal after rinsing it off.
It is pink pants and white/pink top. Thanks I will try these.

I use castrol wonder clean on any stains that will not shift. It is meant for washing grease etc off hands, floors etc but is great on clothes that have that stubborn stain

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