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Who has the most kids. Lock Rss

Who has the most kids? I have four. 7,6,4,and 2 years

Would you like some more ...going cheap!

Naa i have enough. how old are your. Leo the lion
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Yes I was thinking of Yvette as well, I bet she wins the prize!

I have just the one (so far) but I am one of 7 kids!
How many kids does alwaysawake have. Sound alot. My mum had seven.

I have 3, 2 boys & a girl, 12, 5 & 3

I currently have 3. But I think that this is enough anyhow for me. 2 boys and a little girl to go in the middle.

Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon

Sounds like this alwaysawake is an amazing lady. My husband Said at first he wanted 4, then changed his mind after the third. But now we have four and loving it. I always wanted four. The kids have lots of playmates. The older 3 kids dote on the younger one.

We have 2 and unfortunately just lost number 3, we would love to have 4, a big family would be so nice

Sorry to hear that, I also lost two.

I have 5 children and it really get's quite noisy at our place sometimes. I still can not believe that our baby can sleep through so much noise. I suppose he has to or otherwise he would be awake for 12-15 hours a day.....

5 is enough for me.
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