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Breast or bottle? Breast till 8 weeks (no milk) then bottle
Cot or co-sleep? Cot
Cloth or disposable? Disposables
Drive or walk? Drive and walk
Cat or dog? Cat
Routine or go with the flow? Flexible Routine
Controlled crying - yes or no? Did it for a while (and it worked for us)
Dummy / No Dummy? Dummy

Hi All,

Breast or bottle? Breast for 4mths and bottle from there - try to faze that out at the moment too so its just cups
Cot or co-sleep? Cot from day 1 although the odd occasion in with us
Cloth or disposable? Disposable
Drive or walk? Drive mostly - i tend to walk when he has gone to bed for the night
Cat or Dog? 2 dogs
Routine or go with the flow? Strict routine to start with but because of that now, we r more flexible
Controlled crying - yes or no? Tried it for one night and decided we were happy with how he was before!
Dummy/no dummy? Dummy - i said in another post that we hadn't discussed it before DS was born, got away without one for about 4 weeks and then make him take one!!
Breast or bottle? Breast (trying to go to bottle now at 6months)
Cot or co-sleep? Cot, co-sleep maybe once a week
Cloth or disposable? Disposable
Drive or walk? Drive (walk to shops local shops etc)
Cat or dog? Dog
Routine or go with the flow? Go with the flow
Controlled crying - yes or no? Bubs doesnt really cry.
Bath or shower? Bath mainly, sometimes showers with dad.
Dummy or no dummy? Dummy
Hi-5/Wiggles? Neither just yet. First child was wiggles.
Smacking or not? Smacked with first child (on nappy only, as last resort), bubs currently to young.
Homemade/bought babyfood? Bought, dont really have much time to make my own but have done depending on what we eat for dinner.

Julia (14yrs), Cooper (6yrs) & Amarlia (14 months)

BREAST/BOTTLE:-Bottle for 3 1/2 months now
COT/CO-SLEEP:-Cot, co-sleep when wakes up early (eg, 7am)
CLOTH/DISPOSABLE:-Cloth during day, Huggies at nap and night time.
DRIVE/WALK:-Walk,walk,walk but drive when out with daddy!
CAT/DOG:-have neither but love both. mainly dogs though.
ROUTINE/GO WITH FLOW:-Routine but changes when Bella decides
CONTROLLED CRYING-YES/NO:-No. Haven't tried it. No need to yet but couldn't do it.
BATH/SHOWER:-Bath. My showers are the last on my list of things to do at night and Bellas not up at 10.30-11pm. Thank goodness!
DUMMY/NO DUMMY:-Dummy since day one. Now she only wants it when tired. Also use it to settle her to sleep if she wakes.
HI-5/WIGGLES:-Neither at the moment.
SMACKING/NO SMACKING:-Bellas only 5 1/2mths but I won't be smacking. Well, that's the plan anyway.
HOMEMADE/BOUGHT BABYFOOD:-Was bought. Now off solids for a bit to concentrate on drinking more of bottles. As she gets older, definately homemade. Bellas my first so kinda nervous about allergies and chunks and choking. First time mum paranoia!

[Edited on 10/05/2007]

Breast and bottle for 6 months now just bottle
Cot and cuddles on the weekend
Walk and Drive
Go with the flow
Contolled crying a couple of times, breaks my heart
Both shower and bath, he loves both!
Wiggles i think, Hi - 5 drives me Batty!!

Smacking only if dangerous eg power points etc i figure electric shock would hurt more than a growl and smack on hand from Mum.
Homemade most of the time, Brought if going out.


BREAST OR BOTTLE? Breast weaned at 1 year old
COT OR CO SLEEPING? cot since day 1
CONTROLLED CRYING? have done but don't need to anymore
WIGGLES OR HI-5? He isnt overly interested but loves to dance
SMACKING? only as a last resort
HOMEMADE? always vegies but love jars for other foods

It is so interesting to read what other people think and do with their babies it really does show how different we all are and so are our babies!!!!!!!

Mel, Jye 6.1.06&Toby 14.4.08

Breast or bottle?- breast
Cot or co-sleep?- Both comes to bed when daddy leaves for work
Cloth or disposable?- Huggies all the way!!
Drive or walk? - Bus and walk as much as possible
Cat or dog?- Cat but want dog aswell
Routine or go with the flow?- Go with the flow
Controlled crying?- To a degree
Dummy or no dummy?- Dummy, Born 7 weeks early so had to practice sucking
Bath or Shower bub?- Don't really like bathing so I shower with him
Wiggles or Hi5?- probably wiggles seem more original

another question, Pram or Baby carrier?- I have both, prefer carry wrap (hug-a-bub)
Breast or Bottle? Bottle
Cot or co-sleep? Cot
Cloth or disposable? Disposable
Drive or walk? Both
Cat or dog? None
Routine or go with the flow? Both
Controlled crying? Lucky me, quiet very good baby
Dummy or no dummy? When down times
Bath or shower? Bath
Singer/dancer entertainer? Yes
Breast till 6mths then bottle due to bitting (teeth at 5mths)
Cot all the way (hugs with mum in bed until alseep rarely)
Disposable ( use cloth under head, on change table, over shoulder etc)
Walk mainly, drive if gotta go outta town
Go with the flow
No to controlled crying love my hugs
No tried and spat out dummy(thumb sucker only when tired)
Bath (likes some showers LOVES baths)
Entertainer loves to boggy
Hi 5
Hope answered all questions

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

Gees I haven't posted in so long!

Breast or bottle? bottle in the day, breast at night
Cot or co-sleep? Cleo's in a cot in our room at night and our bed in the day
Cloth or disposable? Disposable
Drive or walk? Drive
Cat or dog? Have a cat but love dogs
Routine or go with the flow? A flexible routine
Controlled crying? tried once and hate myself for it!!!
Dummy or no dummy? Dummy during day sleeps
Bath or Shower bub? Showered most of the time when small now she is learning to sit in the tub herself!
Smack or no smack? Only if we can't afford for her to do it again (like running onto the road)! (but too small right now)

Breast or bottle? Breast
Cot or co-sleep? Cot and sometimes co-sleep
Cloth or disposable? cloth when at home, disposable when out
Drive or walk? walk
Cat or dog? Dog
Routine or go with the flow? flow
Controlled crying - yes or no? No
Dummy / No Dummy? dummy, but she loves playing with it more than anything
Bath or Shower? Bath, but might try showering no its mentioned


Breast or bottle? Bottle [not by choice] Cot or co-sleep? both [in my bed when hubbys away] Cloth or disposable? huggies [I was so keen on using cloth - then got used to using desposable in the 6 weeks after c section Cat or dog? - cat [scratched my daughter today should I get rid of it?] Routine or go with the flow? go with the flow Controlled crying? what ever works hehe Dummy or no dummy? - dummy till 4 months now she wont have one at all Smacking or no smacking/ Never smacking [i like the naughty corner] no wiggles or hi5 [astroboy and the care bears]

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