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Breast and bottle
Yes, most times.

POOK mum of three

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Breast or bottle? Breast for 4 months, due to reflux had to bottle feed
Cot or co-sleep? Cot
Cloth or disposable? Disposable
Drive or walk? Walk when we can
Cat or dog? dog
Routine or go with the flow? Generally routine, but am flexible
Controlled crying? To and extent
Dummy or no dummy? Dummy for sleeps
Smacking or no smacking? no smacking
Bath or Shower bub? shower when she was tiny, bath now
Singer/dancer Entertainer? All, she loves dancing and "singing" to sesame street. And definately an entertainer
Homemade or bought food? Bit of both, mostly homemade
Hi-5 or Wiggles? Um, probably Wiggles, but only really wastches sesame street
Read to? Every night
Sing to? On occasion
Breast or bottle... Bottle

Cot or co-sleep?...Both depending on the mood I was in

Cloth or disposable?...Cloth at home n disposable while out

Drive or walk?...Both

Cat or dog?...Dog

Routine or go with the flow?...Go with the flow

Controlled crying - ...No

Dummy or no dummy?. Dummy

Bath or Shower bub? Both

Singer/dancer Entertainer? HAHA yes!!

Homemade or bought food? Usually home made saved so much money!

Smacking? Yes, I have nothing against the odd smack

Hi-5 or Wiggles? Definatly the Wiggles

Read to? All the time

Sing to? All the time! Im surprised hes not deaf with my singing lol

Mummy to 3 little goblins

Hi everyone smile heres mine

Breast or bottle? I di breast both times for about a week
Cot or co-sleep? cot
Cloth or disposable? disposable
Drive or walk? depends where im going and whethe it is raining
Cat or dog? we dont have eithr but we are getting a dog
Routine or go with the flow? try sticking to a routine but sometimes doesnt work :S
Controlled crying - yes or no? sometimes
Breast or bottle? Breast then bottle after 6 months
Cot or co-sleep? Both
Cloth or disposable? Disposable
Drive or walk? Both
Cat or dog? Both
Routine or go with the flow? Go with the flow
Controlled crying - yes or no? NO way

Liz, VIC 8.6.3 and 9mths

Breast or bottle? Both since 3 days old
Cot or co-sleep? Bassinette until 6wks when started sleeping through then cot. won't sleep in our bed if we are in it?!?
Cloth or disposable? Cloth at home/ short trips, Huggies night & if out all day.
Drive or walk? Walk & car depends on destination.
Cat or dog? 2 Dogs, 20+ mice, 2 snakes, fish, yabbies, 2 turtles....
Routine or go with the flow? Basic routine but flexible
Controlled crying - yes or no? Yes - depending on situation
Dummy? Only at sleep time.
Smaking? You only need to give it on the hand once or twice then the threat of it is enough.

[list]Bottle - didnt have any milk Cot - we all sleep better that way Disposable - too lazy for cloth Drive or walk - hard one, walk where I can Dog - just am and Im not even going to post any pussy jokes Routine or Go with the flow - a bit of both, have a sequence of events, but not strict with times etc Controlled crying - no just cos Im not disciplined enough[/list]

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