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Breast or bottle? breast for first 2 mths then bottle because my milk dried up
Cot or co-sleep? Both
Cloth or disposable? Huggies disposibles
Drive or walk? walk or public transport
Cat or dog? 1 dog
Routine or go with the flow? Go with the flow
Controlled crying - yes or no? No way
Dummy? Yes
Wiggles or Hi-5? Wiggles
Bath/ shower Bath.
Breast or bottle? bottle
Cot or co-sleep? cot
Cloth or disposable? disposable
Drive or walk? both
Cat or dog? dog
Routine or go with the flow? routine
Controlled crying-yes or no? no
Breast or bottle? Breast (still going strong at 14 mths)
Cot or co-sleep? Co-sleep mostly, (cot for naps)
Cloth or disposable? Disposable
Drive or walk? Both
Cat or dog? Dog - was just put down sad
Routine or go with the flow? Mostly go with the flow Controlled crying? No!
Dummy or no dummy? Dummy until about 7 mths then didnt want it anymore
Bath or Shower bub? Both
Smacking? Hands only (not often)
Hi Five or Wiggles?? Definately The Wiggles!

Mum to Charotte 13-03-06

breast or bottle - both, breast first if that dont work then bottle - you are not a bad mother despite your choice of feeding.

cot or cosleep - cot

cloth or disp - disp.

drive or walk - walk where possible.

cat or dog - dog

routine or flow - routine (*thankyou baby whisperer*)

controlled or not - *ARGH - ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Breast or bottle - breast for 4 weeks untilt milk dried up - now bottle
cot or co-sleep - cot from day 1
cloth or disposbale - disposable
drive or walk - drive, too sick to walk since birth
cat or dog - 2 doggies
routine - what the hell is that ???
controlled crying - No never!
bath or shower - showers with mummy now he splashes and floods my kitchen!
dummy or no dummy - thank god for the dummy or my boobs would have fallen off in the first few weeks!
Breast or bottle? Both, weaned completely at 7mths
Cot or co-sleep? Cot, but basinette in my room for first few months
Cloth or disposable? Disposable
Drive or walk? Both
Cat or dog? Both
Routine or go with the flow? Go with the flow, but its kinda like a routine now anyway.
Controlled crying? No, didnt work for me and bub - I rock him instead.
Dummy or no dummy? No dummy, DS didnt wanna know, he does like to chew on it though.
Bath or Shower bub? Bath, still to slippery for a shower for me, too scared...
Smacking? not sure yet.
Hi Five or Wiggles?? DS doesnt mind the wiggles, but LOVES Bear in the Big Blue House!!

I have a 2 year old now!!

Each child differs in areas

Breast or bottle - DD1 breast till 6mths then bottle, DS breast all the way, DD2 breast for 8 months EBM for extra 2months then formula. Both girls rejected my breast after a while so put them on bottle
Cot or co-sleep - DD1 co & cot, DS cot then co from 10months as he stopped sleeping thru and still comes in now almost 6years later, DD2 COT
Cloth or disposable - DD1 Cloth day Disp night, DS Huggies disposable (he hated cloth), DD2 Huggies disp and occasionally cloth during day
Drive or walk - Walk to school and gym, drive to shops
Cat or dog - 1dog, just lost cat sad and a bird
Routine/go with flow - bit of both
controlled crying - Rarely
Bath or shower - both
Dummy or no dummy - girls until 18 months, boy till 2.5 he wouldn't give it up
Hi-5/Wiggles - wiggles
Smacking or not - Yes, sometimes or timeout
Homemade/bought babyfood - Homemade and jars for emergency though they never liked the jars

"jill of all trades"

Breast or bottle? breast for 1st 6-8mths then bottle
Cot or co-sleep? COT i can sleep with them in with me, when they make a noise I wake!
Cloth or disposable? cloth for the 1st 2 disposable 2nd 2
Drive or walk? both
Cat or dog? sorry not an animal person
Routine or go with the flow? routine for fist child then go with the flow! what else can you go with schooll kinder swimming ect ect
Controlled crying - yes or no? yes, I woould never sleep otherwise
dummy- yes if they will take it - you can get rid of the dummy, try hiding a thumb. lol

Mother four (seems like more)

Breast or bottle? BF til she was 7 months
Cot or co-sleep? Cot but we have had the occasional co- sleep when she was youngeer smile
Cloth or disposable? Disposable!!
Drive or walk? Bit of both
Cat or dog? dog
Routine or go with the flow? Routine at night but go with the flow during the day
Controlled crying ? Yes... DD responds really well to it and now goes to bed without a fuss most times!
dummy- YES!! sometimes I wish she didnt though....
Breast or bottle: bottle
Cot or co-sleep: cot
Cloth or disposable: disposable
Drive or walk: drive
Cat or dog: cat
Routing or go with the flow: go with the flow
Controlled crying: sometimes
Dummy or no dummy: no dummy
Hi-5 or The Wiggles: Hi-5

DS1 2006 - DS2 2008

Fab post, ok here's my list

Breast or bottle?- Breast
Cot or co-sleep?- Cot
Cloth or disposable?- Disposable
Drive or walk?- Walk
Cat or dog?- cat
Routine or go with the flow?- Go with the flow
Controlled crying - yes or no?- no


Lesbian mother to 7 month old Lola

Ok here is my families responce.
breast or bottle? DD couldn't take to the breast so it's bottle for him.
Cot or co-sleep? It's a bit of both. If he wakes up to early he is in my bed as quick as I can so it doesn't wake his big sister.
Cloth or disposable? Disposable, I don't have time to wash cloth nappies on top of everything else that us mums have to do
Drive or walk? Well I walk but I have a licenece but mo one is willing to teach me (it's a long and funny story havet o tell you some time).
Cat or Dog? Neither as landlord won't allow animals on the property evern though our dog stopped and cornered someone trying to break in.
Routine or go with the flow? We have tried a routine but he just won't take to it like his sister did, so for him at the moment it's go with the flow.
Controlled crying- yes or no? Have tried it with ds but as he has medical issues it's not really good for him so we have tried and it's slowly working a different aspect to it.
Dummy? No i actidently gave him the wrong kind and now he won'ttake any. I think that that might have something to do with his sleeping problem.
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