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Breast or bottle? Breast for 6 weeks then bottle but will try again with new bubs.
Cot or co-sleep? Cot once she turned 4 months
Cloth or disposable? Disposable
Drive or walk? Both
Cat or dog? Dog - Cat
Routine or go with the flow? Try to keep a routine although sometimes it goes out the window
Controlled crying? After going to Tweedle it has worked wonders!
Dummy or no dummy? Initially didnt want to but had "one of those nights" and it was a life saver! havent looked back!
Bath or Shower bub? Both
Smacking? NEVER!
Hi Five or Wiggles?? She's a Hi-5 fan!

Mary-jane 08/07/06 George 19/07/07

Breast or bottle? Breast
Cot or co-sleep? bit of both
Cloth or disposable? Disposable
Drive or walk? Both
Cat or dog? Dog
Routine or go with the flow? Mostly go with the flow Controlled crying? No
Dummy or no dummy? yes till about 4 months when he didn't want it anymore
Bath or Shower bub? Both
Smacking? Hands only (very rare)
Hi Five or Wiggles?? The Wiggles
Breast or bottle? Breast until 14 months
Cot or co-sleep? Cot, Bassinette until 6mths then co slept until 18mths then own big bed.
Cloth or disposable? Disposable
Drive or walk? Drive, both mostly drive.
Cat or dog? None
Routine or go with the flow? routine after 6pm go with flow of a day
Controlled crying? wasn't for us.
Dummy or no dummy? Wouldn't take a dummy. Used me for comfort
Bath or Shower bub? mostly bath the odd shower now.
Singer/dancer Entertainer? She goes to dance lessons.
Smacking?? Yes at times a tap on the bum.
Hi Five or Wiggles?? Hi 5 until recently now its all wiggles.
Breast or Bottle? Bottle for #1 due to problems, breast for #2 & #3.

Cot or co-sleep? Cot. Did co-sleep with first at age 2 but learnt from mistake as it was a challenge to stop.

Cloth or disposable? Disposable

Drive or Walk? Drive - there isn't adiquate paths around me so for safety it's better to drive.

Cat or Dog? Dog + 1 ringneck, 1 budgie, approx. 12 cockateils, 2 chickens and a fish (if i had my way there would be none)

Routine or Go with the flow? Routinish. Quite easy really but try to make certain things routine.

Controlled Crying? yes or no Something inside me goes funny at the sound of crying so a big fat NO.

Dummy or no dummy? Dummies all round. Till the age of one then it goes ta ta.

Wiggles or Hi-5? What ever the kids put on. It really is anything.

Smacking or No Smacking? Last resort or if they are extremely naughty. Only on bumb no where else as then I don't class it as smacking.

Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon

Breat or bottle? Bottle

Cot or Co-sleep? Cot

Cloth-disposable? disposable

Drive or Walk? Both

Cat or Dog? Did have a cat but passed away, so only a dog now.

Routine or Go with the flow? Routine, wen it comes to bubs , but pretty much anything else is go with the flow.

Controlled crying yes or no? I do until a certain point, as i know the differnce bewteen my daughters crying.

Wiggles or Hi-5? none ,my daughter like Dora the Explorer an Seasame street.

Smacking or No Smacking? I dont smack, i lightly tap her on the bum,n tell her no, n she now understands wat no is, so i dont have to anymore smile but i classify smacking as a hard hit to the bum or something


Breast or bottle? Breast for 3 month, then mixture until recently (6months) now bottle
Cot or co-sleep?Cot, snuggles in our bed on weekend mornings
Cloth or disposable?Definately disposable for us
Drive or walk?Drive to general area then walk
Cat or dog?DOG
Routine or go with the flow?Mainly routine, but go with flow when necessary
Controlled crying - yes or no?Yes for DP and no for me
Dummy / No Dummy?Sleep time.
Smacking or not? NOT, i think that its been made sort of illagle here but am against it anyway
Homemade/bought babyfood? Both, depends oin what we are eating that night

Cot, until 6.30 am, and if i want a sleep in we have a feed and co-sleep for another 1/2 hour!
disposable, after 5 years in daycare with cloth, I don't want a bar of cloth!
Drive or walk? Both, drive if we have a big load (groceries etc), but otherwise walk.
Cat or dog? Arnie, a scary looking old bull arab cross, he is the most gentle giant, and loves mason to bits, especially if he drops a biscuit!
Started out with go with the flow, but it has now settled into it's own definate routine
No, to Controlled crying, it was never neccessary, we were lucky, we'll see what happens when i remove the breast feeding in a couple of months though!
Not inro wiggles or Hi-5, but if mason likes it I's sure i'll go back to being insane, with those same songs going around my head when i'm trying to go to sleep!
Smacking - I dont think so, No works fine for us, and removing the child or the problem.

[Edited on 09/05/2007]
cot for baby and big bed for 2yr old
walk everywhere, untill i get my licence. NO MORE BUSES
no animals
routine. very important to us
control crying sometimes
no dummy for 2y old and sometimes dummy for bub
bath both boys

izacc,ethan and mya

here's our answers
Breast plus bottle at night
cot mostly
and a bit of controlled crying as long as not too worked up


Breast or bottle? breast for 8 months

Cot or co-sleep? cot.

Cloth or disposable? disposable.

Drive or walk? drive to area then park and walk

Cat or dog? dog.

Routine/go with flow? flexible routine

controlled crying? no way. tried for 2 days never again

Bath or shower? bath mostly. but shower sometimes.

Dummy or no dummy? dummy

Hi-5/Wiggles? we love the wiggles!

Smacking or not? smack on hand after 3 warnings

Homemade/bought babyfood? homemade mostly but ate some of the jar desserts

Gold coast, DD 3.5years, DD 15mths #3 on the way

Interesting! Here's my answer...

Breast or Bottle? Breast till 10 months old then Bottle till 18 months old
Cot or co-sleep? Mostly Cot (But she has slept in my bed on rare occasions when she was few months older)
Cloth or disposable? Cloth through the day, disposable throught the night and outings
Drive or walk? Walk since I don't have a car until my child turned 7 years old
Cat or dog? Neither, no pets
Routine or go with the flow? Routine, because it makes our life easier
Controlled crying - yes or no? No, my child is such a peaceful child

10 months - she can walk.
Here's mine

Breast or bottle? - Bottle
Cot or co-sleep? - Cot
Cloth or disposable? Huggies all the time
Drive or walk? - Walk
Cat or dog? - Dog
Routine or go with the flow? Routine, but allow it to waver here and there smile
Controlled crying - yes or no? No

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