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breast @ 1st now bottle (would still love to do breast if she would take it)
cot right from the start
disposables did give cloth a go (nasty rash)
Drive but we do go 4 walks
no pets
some routine but mostly go with the flow
controlled crying to a point
dummy yes
homemade & brought
smack after bein warned
Hi-5 and wiggles .....Wat happend 2 Greg?
bath or shower
read to? yes
sing 2? yes

mumof2 1boy1girl

Breast or bottle? Breast for 3 mths then bottle
Cot or co-sleep? Cot 99% except bad nights where we get up 5 times and I need to sleep!
Cloth or disposable? Cloth all the way - never a hint of nappy rash!
Drive or walk? Both but try to go for 2 walks a day
Dog or Cat? Dog and crazy bird - would love a cat too though
Routine or go with the flow? Routine but always flexible
Controlled Crying? No, I just can't stand hearing him cry
Homemade or bought food? Homemade - I love to cook!
Smacking? No, still too young to understand
Hi-5 or Wiggles? Neither
Dummy? Had one for about 5 months now won't take it at all
Bath or shower? Bath - he hate showers!
Read to? Try to every day
Sing to? Lots, but I'm not very good! He seems to like it.....
Breast or bottle?...breast

Cot or co-sleep?

Cloth or disposable?...disposable

Drive or walk?...both

Cat or dog?...small dog

Routine or go with the flow?...a bit of both

Controlled crying -

Dummy or no dummy?...Dummy till 3 months then started sucking his hands

Bath or Shower bub? ...Bath

Singer/dancer Entertainer? neither im still tryin too learn too talk too him i still feel strange talkin too myself i need too learn!!!

Homemade or bought food? Homemade

Smacking? Noway

Hi-5 or Wiggles? Neither

Read to? rarely but he is only 4 months old

Sing to? ...try ti
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I have 3 kids and expecting no4 6th dec so here goes.

Breast or bottle? Bottle 1 & 2. Breast 3 & hopefully 4
Cot or co-sleep? Cot 1 & 2 and 4??? Co sleep 3
Cloth or disposable? Disposable
Drive or walk? Both but depends where we are going
Cat or dog? Both
Routine or go with the flow? Go with flow but changing next time
Controlled crying - yes or no? No No No

Breast or bottle? Bottle with twins, was just too hard. But with Lucas Breat
Cot or co-sleep? Twins Cots, though Jordan had to go to sleep school. Lucas in his cradle, but comes in to bed about 5ish
Cloth or disposable? Disposable for first four weeks as it was a free service, otherwise Disposable. Cloth would use to much water!!
Drive or walk? Drive
Cat or dog? Neither
Routine or go with the flow? Mostly go with the flow
Controlled crying - yes or no? Had to with Jordan when he was over one. But Lucas too small
Dummy? yes
Wiggles or High 5? Twins love both, but l would say High5
Breast or bottle? Bottle
Cot or co-sleep? Cot
Cloth or disposable? Disposable
Drive or walk? Drive
Dog or Cat? Dog - beautiful Bella
Routine or go with the flow? Go with the flow, every day is different
Controlled Crying? Yes
Homemade or bought food? bit of both, Jak loves bought custards, especially choc! (just like his mum!!)
Smacking? older kids, sometimes if really needed, bub no. He doesn't understand smacks but getting to understand 'no'
Hi-5 or Wiggles? Neither. He loves Sesame Street
Dummy? DEFINITELY! It's a pain getting up thru the night to put it back in, but it keeps him quiet!
Bath or shower? Bath, especially with big sis (Jayla). Likes showers with dad, tho
Read to? If he doesn't chew the book first!
Sing to? When we've got music playing, and he loves to dance

Dirty Thirty this year! Bring it on!!

Breast or bottle? Breast.

Cot or co-sleep? cot at begining of night right beside me, c-sleep after 2nd wake.

Cloth or disposable? Cloth, disposable at night/out.

Drive or walk? Drive due to living in the middle of nowhere but prefer to walk.

Cat or dog? Both.

Routine or go with the flow? Go with the flow or baby led routine only. Would never impose a routine.

Controlled crying? Definitely not.

Dummy or no dummy? Dummy for sleep and car.

Smacking or no smacking? Definitely not.

Wiggles or High 5? Wiggles!! (am an old cochroaches fan from the 80's!! Uh oh showing my age...)


Logan 03/05/05 Lily 06/11/06

lmao about cockroaches... they should re release some of their old stuff. On a similar note, apparently peter coombe is making a comeback, doing concerts at universities. With all the uni students crowd surfing to juicy juicy green grass! He's trying to get a spot at big day out. GOLD!

Breast or Bottle-Bottle
cot or co-sleep - cot
cloth or disposable-disposable
drive or walk-both
cat or dog- dog
routine or go with flow- routine
controlled crying- sometimes
dummy or no dummy- dummy
bath or shower- both entainer- yes
cooked or bought food- always cooked my own

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I still wanna know wat happened to Greg the yellow wiggle!

mumof2 1boy1girl

Breast or bottle? Bottle (she was too small to feed)
Cot or co-sleep? Cot (has slept in her cot in her own room from day 1)
Cloth or disposable? Disposable
Drive or walk?Depends on how late I am and distance (mostly drive but we go for a walk most nights)
Cat or dog? we have both (I'm a dog person and DH's a cat person)
Routine or go with the flow?Routine
Controlled crying - yes or no?not really.
Dummy or no dummy?no dummy she's a thumb sucker
Wiggles or Hi 5?Wiggles I don't like Hi 5
Smacking or no smacking?Don't know yet but will avoid smacking if I can
Breast or bottle? Breast (bottle when im working)
Cot or co-sleep? Both
Cloth or disposable? Disposable
Drive or walk? Mainly drive, also work (i walk to work)
Cat or dog? 2 Dogs, and a chicken and a c0cky
Routine or go with the flow? Im a shift worker (whats a routine
Controlled crying - yes or no? Yes till i cant take it anymore
Dummy or no Dummy? No dummy, i tried the kids didnt want them
Wiggles or Hi-5? Wiggles, dont get channel 9 (also dont like hi-5)

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