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Hubby has a secret stash of dosh !! Lock Rss

I just found out that my Hubby has a secret stash of money.
He says he's saving up to buy a little run-around (tinny) boat.
I already said he could buy one with the money he's earning on the side. And that the point isn't the money, it's the dishonesty and deception.
I work 3 days per week, and he says "When you work full-time, you can have some money too", and he said "I would love to sit around at home all day with the kids".

Am I the only one who thinks that he needs a serious attitude adjustment? When I work overtime, I tell him about the extra money and pay the extra bills with it.
As for the 'sitting around all day' part, well, guess who didn't get a cooked dinner last night? My reply? "Well, when you cook and clean all day, you too can have some dinner."

[Edited on 27/05/2007]
About as romantic as a pile of bricks


Congrats on putting your husband in his place!!! I can't believe he would make such a stupid comment about you being able to have money when you work. What does he think you do- sit around watching tv all day???? Maybe you should start to bill him for all the work you do in a day- charge by the hour. See how he likes that. You would have some money pile up fairly quickly if he paid you what you are worth.

OR...maybe he is going to buy you something special for 'Mother's Day'.

No such luck Mimee. We've had it out. He says that every time he saves up a bit of money, I just want to use it pay bills, and BEFORE they are due. Like that's a stupid or selfish idea.
We are often late paying our bills, and I hate scrimping money out of our grocery budget or going without essentials for weeks. For gods sake, we share a pair of runners. Sometimes it's nice to pay a bill 2 weeks before they're due.
After all, it's me who has to ring up the companies and ask for an extension.

Behind all the sarcasm, I'm actually feeling a little hurt. I thought we were the type of couple that had no secrets from eachother, that we're totally honest with eachother about absolutely everything. Obviously I was wrong.

Buy the way, guess who didn't get dinner again tonight? After all, I put in an 8 hour day at work today (excluding travel time) so why should I? Just fed the kids.

He says I should be grateful he's not just gambling it away.

No offence mean't by this , but if he were my husband.. I'd slap him square across the head!!!

Where is your pile of sweaty money?
I bet if the 'shoe was on the other foot', your husband would be suspicious too.
Not fair how he has kept this from you.
There should be no secrecy,it only causes resentment.

If I was in your situation,I wouldn't cook him dinner either.LOL
Hope you work this one out soon!

No offence taken Katzack. Don't think I haven't thought about it.

This should be the next Hot Topic. Who believes in smacking their Husband?

Don't worry, it's a temporary set back. He's admitted it was a mistake now. (hasn't appologised and is still justifying himself though).

Man can't help it, they're stuck with a stupid gene. It's that Y chromosone.

Last time my hubby said a comment about him 'working' and me not... I typed up a itemised invoice and gave it to him as a bill he owed me, it included fees for laundry, personal chef, cleaning etc at the rates he would pay if he had to pay an outsider to do it... when he got it he exclaimed 'but thats more than i make a week!!' I smiled sweetly and said 'exactly' he has never spoken about me not 'working since. And he had a secret stash ages ago... i found it and spent it!

Jade, QLD, DS Sept 04, #2 due 06/08/07

Jade, I did the same thing! I gave him an invoice with charges like
2 hours ironing @ $20 per hour
3 hours washing @ $20 per hour
7 hours cooking @ $50 per hour
168 hours babysitting @ @45 per hour

once it added up, and there were way more things on the list than above, it was about $3000 for the week. That soon shut him up! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I like your style Jade. He keeps his in his desk at work (sneaky huh).

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