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Hey ladies,

I'm having one of those day's where my brain is a few days behind the rest of the world, anyway just want to pick your brains for easy craft idea's I can use at playgroup. It's my turn and I can't think of anything! I did egg carton caterpillars last time, but we can't do that again..

What craft is your little ones doing at playgroup/pre-school at home??

"Thanks You" to all idea's in advance!!

Jo, Sydney mama of 2 boys

Hi there

I did craft for our playgroup this week. We made paper bag kites. You just get a brown paper bag and put a strip of masking tape across one of the open ends for reinforcement. Use a hole punch to put a hole on each side through the masking tape and thread some string through - making sure it's a decent enough length so the kids can run along holding it. I made them up to this point then the kids decorated them as they wished - with crayons, stickers, glitter etc. On the closed end of the bag they can attach long strips of crepe paper for the kite tails. I got this idea from a book called '365 TV free ideas for toddlers' by Di Hodges. I hope all the other creative mummies post lots more ideas as sometimes it's so hard to come up with new things, especially for really young kids.

Hope this helps
have u got a printer? if u have try this web site as u can download pictures of cartoon Characters let the kids colour them in. i hope this helps
ps i know its not much but the kids will love it as they did it at my play group

i put the sold sign on my new house today

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