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Bad Week to Worse Week!!!! Lock Rss

Hi i need to let out my stress. Okay let me start.... My Fiancee' went to the doctors last week with a lump on his leg and the doctors said that it would have to be cut out and be tested to make sure that it is nothing serious. So that was fine he had it cut out the next day and got 2 stitches and so the next part was to wait for the results. Then this Tuesday night after a day of taking my daughter to the Hospital for her checkups for Constipation we get home and get a phone call from the doctors to say come down straight away the results are in. So we panic and go to the doctors, and find out something was found, but they are not sure what it is but in has been growing like cancer and that he needs to have more cut out of his leg to have tested again. This time we are referred to a Surgeon and luckily we get an appointment for the following day and then we see him and he says to needs to the operation straight away, so make an appointment for the Thursday. So Yesterday he had more cut out of his leg this time needing 30 stitches and being put off work for 2 weeks and not being able to walk. Then this morning comes along and our daughter wakes up with the flu and gastro. So back to the doctors we go again, and we get told that she has asthma and needs ventolin. Then the stress levels went up even more. But the doctors didn't give anything for the gastro, to busy with getting asthma under control, and this afternoon she starts to dehydtrate and off i went to the chemist for the 4th time today and to get her some hydralyte, so all up we spent around $180.00 at the chemist today cause on top of all this i also have severe asthma and needed stronger medication.
Sorry for the long post just needed to clear my head!!!!

dont be sorry its good to get the stree and your worries off your chest i do it as well. firstly im praying that your fiancee is okay and that nothing serious will evolve, secondly make sure you calm down adn get your asthma under control, and thirdly i hope your child gets better and gets the medical side of things under control. Let us know how it all goes, we are all here for you !!! THINK POSITIVE !!


Aimee, 4 year old princess

completly hearing you, there are some days, even weeks, where everything that can go wrong will go wrong and get worse.. and it is so frustrating and upsetting and hard to deal with everyday life, having to be strong for the ones you love.. i have a few days like this now and then, as i have no family what soever in australia they are all in new zealand, but when things arent going plan or i am so over whelmed by everything, i find a good cry helps, also just a smile form my daughter seems to make even the worst day so much happier. I hope your husband is ok and your child is getting better. And it is always great to just clear your head and talk about it!! take care

Colleen, Redcliff,Ashlyn born 10.04.05

hey ther liz !!! dont feel bad for that its really good for you to let youre steam out once and awhile to make you feel sane!!! i know i have to do it !just wanted to say that my thoughts are with you and the family for when you get the results back from the oparation!!!all my love hugs and kisses to you all!! you are doing a fantastic jod as a mum and wife!!!:)xxxx take care!!

katrina and krystal 3 in june

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