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Hi, my name is lorraine and i recieved a 4th degree tear while delivering my 1st child i am now going to ahve a c section with our second who is due in 7 weeks. If anyone else has had an experience like this i'd love to hear about it and maybe learn some more bout c sections surely it cant be as bad as a 4th degree tear (tears through 4 layers of skin and the bowel too)....
hi, ive had a c/s and would much rather a natural, tears or not. There will be a lot of different opinions on here but i will never go thru that again!

I saw my sister after receiving a 3rd degree tear (35 stitches) and she still was able to walk around much more then i could even though she was in heaps of pain. I was bed bound! Very horrible. You'll get alot more better birth stories then mine lol.
You poor thing, I had a 3rd degree tear with dd1 and that was bad enough! Is it you choice to have a c/s or were you told this had to be done? Like Denae said, I would prefer to be able to walk around
With my first I suffered a 2nd degree tear going on 3rd degree and took 15 months to recover. I have had my 2nd child since then and ended up having a c/s. I found it way better! I only took six weeks to recover which was great compared to last time. I never planned a c/s but I was getting induced at 39wks as I was going to have another big baby (1 was 4.55kg and 2 was 4.49kg) so I was freaking out heaps before hand. The thing that put the nail in the coffin (so to speak) was when the midwife went to do the internal to see where my cervix was, she nearly killed me!It hurt like crazy that I was crying. My husband freaked out too and so the midwife rang the ob and with my husband they decided to do a c/s. I was off the planet petrified to death.
Once that decision was made I calmed right down. Only problem from the c/s was I suffered a spinal headache ( side effect from the spinal block) but that was it. So for me 2nd time round was way more enjoyable, not just the birth but afterwards as well. Made a huge difference for me!

Bett, NSW, 2 boys & Twins 19.2.08

I cant really compare but I personally had a fantastic c-section! Up and moving the next day and felt great!! I didnt get any infections or anything but perhaps I was just lucky. Wasnt doing the hunched over walking either, all went well for me!

Still Id like to try for a VBAC next time but only cos I feel like I missed out somehow by not having a natural birth... but I wouldnt be too upset if I ended up with another c-section.

Good luck!
I have had 2 cs and they were both great, up and moving that afternoon! Good Luck.
I had a 4th degree tear with my first and had to have a caesar with my second.
It took me around 4-5 weeks to recover from the tear,we went away for a weekend and I was able to go walking,play tennis and swim after the natural birth.However after the caesar there is no way I would have been able to do that after 4-5 weeks.I know I had to have the caesar but sometimes I wish Iwas able to try for natural again.My recovery may have been better if I didin't have a 20 month old toddler at home as well who didn't really understand that I was in a considerable amount of pain.
My only advice to you is stay in hospital as long as you can,don't be in a hurry to get home to play happy families,just rest,rest,rest!!!!!! When you get home if you feel good when you get up don't over do it as you will pay for it later.
Now that it is almost 2 years later I only have good thoughts but for a while I was a little bit disappointed that I had 2 births that felt totally out of my control,it was not how I envisioned them to be! But I am very thankful that I have 2 beautiful,happy and healthy children,there are alot of people out there who would be happy for any type of birth if only they could have a baby.
If you want to chat or ask anything else feel free to pm me or chat here.
Good Luck with the upcoming birth.


I had a severe 3rd degree tear during labour. I was bed bound for about 4 weeks, could only get up to go to the toilet with help from dp! I have been given the option for the next bub to have c/s as there is a high chance that I will tear worse (about 1 in 20) which means that I would be likely to suffer from fecal incontinence. I really want a natural birth without drugs for the second one, so I am waiting a few years before ttc so that hopefully scarring will heal even more. I would like to have several more children, and have been advised against having more than 2 c/s, so hopefully I will be able to have next bubs without too much difficulty!

Hi denae, its not my choice to have a c/s i wish i had that option, i could try natural again but i could end up with serious problems like fecial staining and incontinance! which is'nt a very nice thought i'm too young for risks like that so we decided the c/s would give me a better chance of a proper recovery....Plus i couldnt walk for about 2 weeks after the tear my partner ahd to stay in hospital with me and do everything for our son which really upset me when i saw everyone else walking around! so for me the mobile part of things wont make thta much difference! thanx 4 the feed back
Hi everyone it was really great to hear some good c/s stories sometimes i feel like all the magazines, news and books out there just want to terrify you when it come to anything but vaginal births!

Theres no way i could go through a tear like that again! imagin being 18 and doctors telling you that you mght be shitting in your pants when you get home! (excuse the language!)its just too horrible to imagin so i'm looking forward to keeping my girly bits in tact this time just hope i dont freak out when i go in on the day!
I have had 2 3rd degree tears so all I can say about 4th degree tears is BLOODY OUCH!!! Hope it all goes well for u and u can keep your girly bits intact lol


I think you might still feel the same restrictions with a c/s. Not trying to make you scared or anything but c/s might be a better option for you anyway. Not for me lol.

I do understand the age thing. I went through a lot through my pregnancy, labour and then rushed off for an emergency c/s. I was 19. It can be very scary but atleast you can prepare yourself for it, i had no time!!

Also, you still have a chance of your pelvic floor muscles tearing from the c/s.

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