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Have you been induced? your story? Lock Rss

Hey there how is everyone? Isnt it quiet here today!
ANYWAY... has anyone been induced and like to share their story with me? I am just curious as I am due in 2 days but i think I am going to go over and I just wanna have a fair idea of what its like being induced, incase thats whats got to happen with me.
Is it worse than normal labour? is it longer? What/how do they do it? Any info/ storys would be great.
Cheers alot!!

my girl finally lets me sleeps at night, yaay

I was induced with my first, he was only a couple of days over but I had pre-eclampsia so he needed to be delivered and it didn't look like he was in much of a hurry to meet us ;p . I can't compare it to a natural labour as I've never had one, but from what others say who have had both induced and natural labour, the induction makes labour pretty full on - not that natural labour isn't. There are a few different things they can do to induce labour - I think I had the works LOL!!! Firstly, this isn't very pleasant, they may do a sweep of your cervix - pretty much a very uncomfortable internal exam, apparently when the doctor "sweeps" your cervix it can get things moving along so to speak. Next there is the gel (I can't remember what it's called, I think it's a synthetic hormone), it's applied to your cervix - sometimes more than once. I had two doses of it 6 hours apart. The first lot didn't do much, except that after a couple of hours I started getting really mild period-type cramps. About half an hour after the second lot I couldn't stand up because my contractions were so strong and close together. The other thing they can do is put in a drip of oxytocin (I think) and that is supposed to intensify the contractions - which it did for me - OUCH. Personally I would avoid being induced if you can help it, but sometimes it's just not possible as in my case. My Ob said that there is a higher chance of having an emergency c-section if you are induced with your first baby, which happened to me, but plenty of mums end up having a safe natural delivery. I'm sure the other mums here will have lots of suggestions for natural ways to get things moving smile All the best for the safe arrival of you little bundle of joy smile
I was induced for my 1st bub, it wasn't too bad the gel worked for me straightaway, everything was fine til they broke my waters then everything was full on with one contraction on top of the other and I had an epidural, I honestly don't remember much after that as bub was in distress as he had a heart condition which was why I was being induced, and the doctors had to deliver him with forceps.
My labour with DD started naturally and personally I didn't find it much different than with DS exept the contractions weren't as close together and I didn't end up having an epidural.
I have heard of plenty of other experiences of it being a bit worse with the drip which fortunately I didn't have. Have a chat to Ob/gyn on your next visit they may have some suggestions on how to get things moving. My sister said Rasberry leaf tea worked for her. Personally I never tried any of the Old wives tales as I only went 2 days over with DD
I don't know what it is like to be induced, i just wanted to say good luck!! I thought i was going to go over too, and she ended up coming on her due date. I hope it all goes really well, without too much pain.
I was induced with both my pregnancies and both times it was totally different. My second I went into natural labour but wasnt progressing so therefore I was induced again.

With my first I was induced at 36weeks due to severe Pre-eclampsia. I was given the gel and had my waters broken and nothing happened. I was then placed on the drip. In a matter of minutes my contractions started hard and fast. I progressed along very quickly though. My whole labour lasted for 3hrs from start to finish.

With my second I went into natural labour and then ended up being induced. Same thing happened, had the gel, then my waters broken and then of course the dreaded drip. Things didnt progress as fast as my first labour and I was on the drip for 5hrs. With labour lasting a total of 7hrs.

All labours are different and some people have different expriences being induced. Just keep an open mind and try not to stress out. Goodluck.
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Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

I've been induced with both my boys (I was 10days over with No.1 and 14 days over with No.2)

I'll tell you about the worst first. Then the good news.

With my first, I went sraight into full strength labour pains. The labour went for 16 hours so when I wasn't dialating quickly I opted for an epidural. Back then they just gave you a strong dose straight away.

With my second, they use a more progressive dose (I'm talking about cintosin...not sure how it's spelt, but basically the I.V)
ANYWAY.... they start with a little bit and the dose slowly gets bigger and bigger. To cut a long story short, my second labour was 5 hours long and pretty much went along like a normal labour (at least I THINK)

If it's your first, you'll probably go 12 hours anyway (on average), if it's your second, most likely alot quicker.

Good luck anyway. Just remember that it's much improved now. At least at the hospital I went to.

Thanks guys. I now have an insight of what to expect. I hope I dont need to be induced, but like i said I just wanted a fair idea incase it has to happen. Well hopefully this little gorl will come on her own sometime soon. I am over waiting and stil have 2 days til due date. Aaaahhh driving me crazy.
Have a good mummys day tomorrow xo

my girl finally lets me sleeps at night, yaay

Firstly good luck with your impending birth!!

I have had 2 natural labours and 1 induced labour and I would have to say I preferred the induced labour over the natural ones, for some reason I felst so much more in control. If we decide to have any more babies (god forbid lol) then I will definately be asking to be induced again!!

hi was induced due to high blood pressure and was two days over anyway. When they induced me i was 1cm dilated so they could use this tape thing.
They put it inside you, much like a tampon and leave it overnight. It is a smaller dose i think.
Anyway they took it out the next day and i was 3cm dilated, they also did a stretch and sweep i think its called, that was really uncomfortable.
I went into early labour that day and by night was 6cm dilated and went to birthing suite.

I got a shot of pethidine, but all that did was make me vomit and slowed the contractions right down. So they broke my waters. And i had to have a monitor around my belly, but could still move a short way. After my waters were broken thats when the contractions got really strong and didnt take long for bubby to be born after that.

My labour was 11 hours 40 mins long from the time i was 6cm dilated. And 40 mins of that was pushing. So i think that is pretty good.

So i never ended up with the gel or drip. was very lucky as didnt want a drip in. But if i didnt dilate from the tape i would have had the gel.

You have had lots of replies and I just wanted to tell you a couple of things that no-one told me before I was induced! Firstly if they break your waters to induce you then the fluid leaks out for the whole labour and you have to have a pad on for the whole time! (This is what happened to me with my DD anyway!) Secondly, if you are induced by drip then having to walk around with a drip attached to you restricts your movement. I had no idea about these two things and I don't think that I would have been so keen to be induced if I had known. The advantage of being induced for me was that my dd went in to distress after 18 hours of labour and the doctor was able to stop the drip, which stopped the labour while they prepared an emergency c-section. It was 2am so an obstetrician and theatre team had to be called in.

Wishing you the best for your impending birth and lifetime of parenting!

Hi Tarra!

I was induced with my daughter. She was due on the 21st June and I was induced on the 1st July. About 2pm on the 1st I had some gel. Nothing happened from that so they gave me another dose at about 10pm. From around 11pm that night I had slight niggly pains, just enough to make it a little hard to sleep (along with the excitement of meeting bub too!)
I managed to get about an hours sleep in the wee hours of the morning of the 2nd.
By around 5 am on the 2nd the pains were a bit more constant but still not unbearable. around 10am I put on the TENS machine and had that pretty much till about 3pm. I started to get annoyed at having these things attatched to me, so made hubby do the back massage to relieve the pain. Most of the pain was in my lower back. I was 3cm dialted.
At 6pm I asked for something to take the edge off the pain. They offered me gas, which I took a few puffs of and nearly threw up, so a jab of peth later and I felt a little better. It still hurt like hell, but just took the edge off it. Was about 5cm dialated.
At 9pm I had another shot of peth. Most of what happened after that is a little fuzzy as the pain was pretty intense! I had the urge to push around 11.30ish and was wheeled into the birthing room. I remember looking back at my bed and seeing a lot of watery blood (not a lot of blood), so though, gee this must be it!
After about 45 or so minutes of pushing I had my DD at 12.31am on the 3rd of July. It was one of the most painful but exhilerating experiences that I think I will ever have!
This time around I am hoping to go into labour naturally. I also hope that I can do it this time around without any pain relief. I think I have a reasonably high pain thresh hold, and they do say the 2nd time around is usually easier, so fingers crossed!
Good luck with the impending birth. I hope all goes well for you and you 'enjoy' the experience, no matter which way your DD comes. At the end of the day, so long as they are healthy, how they get here is only a small matter.

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

I have three littles, the first two I went into labour on my own at 9 days over and 6 days over, both of these labours were six hours long.
My third (who is only four weeks old)I was 10 days over when they decided they would induce me as she was showing no signs of coming, they broke my waters at 10.20am my first contraction came strong and hard at 11.20am and she was born at 12.19pm. I found it hurt more but was glad it was over in an hour.
I hope everything goes well for you. Let us know when little bub arrives.

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