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Have you been induced? your story? Lock Rss

i was induced with both as i was overdue, long storys short i didnt like the drip very annoying to cart around during labour had it with #1, with #2 it took 49 hours several attempts of induction and quite a few hours of contractions before i went into labour so next time hopefuly it will happen on its own.
I was induced with my second as he was late and i had a blood clot in one of my varicous veins that they couldn't do anything about until he was born.

I got the gel applied at about 8pm and was also given a coupls of sleeping tablets as they said it hardly ever works on the first application and they would apply more in the morning. 2 hours later i was in labour!! Marshall was born at 1;46 am, so only 4 or 5 hours after the gel was applied. The bugger was i was soooooooooo tired because of the sleeping tablets that i dozed off in between contractions!

Goodluck, and if they offer sleeping tablets...REFUSE!!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

Ha ha, i agree with that one Dette, i went into natural labour with DS, but i was in early labour and not going anywhere and my blood pressure was a bit high for them to send me home so they gave me some sleeping tablets, which relaxed me and sent me into full on labour, all i could do was walk around in circles bouncing off the walls. i couldnt do anything else because it was all in my back (posterior baby), mind you mix the sleepers with some gas and i was off my lips, and that was all i needed to push him out.

Now back to the question.

I was induced with DD at 37 weeks, i was starting to have complications from pre-eclampsia, my DD was breech and if i had have stayed at home i would have had a c-section. but the anaethetist refused to put me under because i had a low platelet count so i was flown to Adelaide. so i was flown with RFDS to the womens and childrens hospital and they said they wouldnt do anything just yet, so i asked if anyone could turn her, and it turned out there was, so they did an external cephalic version. then when DD had dropped into my pelvis enough they induced me. When they did induce me, they first broke my waters and then put the syntoncinon drip up. I was ok for a fair while but it started to get very hard to handle, i had gas and then pethadine, but after nearly 7 hours of labour i was only at 4cm and i ended up with an epidural, then about 2 hours later i ended up with my beautiful DD. then my real trouble started, i started vomiting from the epidural and the pethadine that i had, then i started haemorraging (nothing new for me i did it the first time too) by this time the epidural had worn off and they had to put the syntosinon back up to stop me haemorraging, so i was effectively back in labour again and i was back on the gas again while they tried to pull clots from me and all sorts. But is was all worth it and i would rather go through all that than a c-section any day.

My story is a pretty rare one, my uterus doesnt contract quick enough when ive delivered, add that to the pre-elcampsia and there is my problem. I would strongly suggest if you are being induced that you push to go with the gels rather than the drip. the get is a more natural way of being induced because it stimulates your body to go into labour on its own rather than making your uterus contract (if that makes sence.)

either way, it is all worth it for the beautiful bubs you get at the end of it.
I had to have an inductin with my son. I went a week post my due date I had the gel to start with the night before, which helps the cervix open a bit so they can break your waters. then the next morning the Dr broke my waters and i had an infusion of a drug to get my contractions going. I was the most intense pain i have ever experienced. But i had an amazing midwife that helped me through it and my DH was fantastic too. The three of us made a great team and i am so greatful i was lucky to have an amazing professional with so much compassion but yet expertise to guide me through. My advice is to take in all the support you can. Listen and trust the midwives they are the most amazing people and they are there because they really love their job. If they offer you sleeping tablets the night they put the gel in take them, u are going to need all the rest and energy u can get for the big day ahead.

Good luck!
hi ! i was induced with my daughter 9 days after my edd . i arrived at the hos at 10am then at 3 pm they finally put the jelly on and the contractions were really intense but they said they would calm down soon ; ( which they didn't ) then i was moved to my room and told they'd check on me at 10pm and if nothing was happening they'd put more jelly on but they never slowed down and i had my daughter at 7 to 7 so in my case it was shorter thean my 1st birth which was 12 hrs in the first stage then about 5hours in the last 2 stages so yeah but then youget people like my sil who's first labor was 1/2 an hour from start to finish and her 2nd was 3hours from start to finish ! any way good luck sam

MUM TO RJ 28 10 03 & EJ 23 07 06

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Hi Tarra,
I hope all is going well for you, and by the time you read this you will have a gorgeous little bub to tell us about!
I was scheduled to be induced when I was 10 days past edd. I went in at 5pm so they could put the gels in but when they did an internal they decided I didnt need them. Next morning I was 3 cm dilated and they gave me the drip and vroke my waters.
I have to say that being induced was horrible. I was straight into contractions hard and fast and had intense pain. I couldn't get off the bed for the entire labour. This went on for 7 and a half hours with no drugs working, not even the epidural, I ended up begging for a c-section if you believe that! They told me 'you can't just have a c-section because you are in pain dear' I nearly decked her! lol Imagine my anger when by 5.30pm she turned around and said we have to do an emergency c-section! So I had my beautiful baby girl at 6pm and next time around I will opt for an elective c-section.
I know not all inductions go like mine did, but I will never put myself through that kind of pain again. I have no idea why the epidural didn't work, but it was really scary knowing that nothing could stop the pain I was going through.
Please let us know how you went when you feel up to it smile

Mum to Charotte 13-03-06

Hi tarra 01

I was induced as i was 2 weeks & 1 day over due.
i was booked in on the monday but my waters broke the sunday, i was so excited thinking im going to do this on my own, dont need to be induced!!!! nothin happened, so off i went into hospital at 6.30am, they put me on a drip, & the contractions were intense, i went without drugs for 4 hours but the contractions got the better of me as they were coming every 1 minute, so they slowed the drip down & had the epidural, that was heaven i slept till mid arvo, i was ready to push around 3pm & had my baby girl Alana at 5.20pm
I would do it again, & again cos the end result is the best thing that could ever happen.

Good luck all the best
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