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Having a bad mothers day...... Lock Rss

hi everyone i just need to get this off my chest.
My DP let me sleep in this morning. But when i got out of bed i had to cook and wash up. Which is fine. DP said happy mothers day to me.
My bubbys daycare sent home a card that DS had painted and they put together and has a little poem in it. Very sweet.

Its just mothers day is meant to be special. I didnt expect to get a present as we cant afford much, but DP could have at least made a card or something.

So i got really upset, i dont know why. Proberbly because DP never does anything romantic or to make me feel special.
Whereas his ex always used to get presents etc.

So now he has gone 'to the office'. In other words he is going to try and make up for it. But i didnt want that. I wanted him to think about me before, not just after i got upset.
This is my first mothers day. Last year i was pregnant and he said it doesnt count because your not a mother yet. The little boy kicking around inside of me thought so.

The thing is i would make fathers day special for him, why cant he do the same for me.
I just want to feel special and loved.
All i feel now is like crying.

oh thats awful. at least DP is going to do something now. But it just makes me feel worse for making a big deal out of it. I wasnt really expecting anything. Even breakfast cooked would have bee good.

Why dont fathers understand. Then when it comes to fathers day they get everything.
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Hi Connorsmummy

I know exactly how you feel. I have only just started to get something on Mothers Day the last two years only because my eldest is at school and they have the stall. I even have to give him the money for it.

Just remember your son loves you unconditionally everyday not just this one a year.


I don't even get birthday gifts either. But everytime its his birthday or fathers day I get something. Mainly for the kids sack.

Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon

So sorry you are having a bad day. I hope it improves now:)

Sorry to hear your 1st Mothers day hasn't been that great! Mine neither we can be miserable together lol!

Heres to a better day for us grin


Can I join in? I think my dh goes out of his way to make my day miserable. As always, it is about him.

I was so lookig forward to a card/ picture from dd, and as preschool didn't bother, I get zippo. Well, he said that a cookbook I bought the other day would 'do'.

I am teary and feeling very unappreciated and unloved. Especialy when I went to a lot of trouble for our mums.

Sorry girls, but no-one else will listen!
OMG connorsmummy i feel for you.. to tell you the truth my day isn't so great after all either....sure i got presents but i told partner what to get me...he has never thought for himself........then he gets ALEXANDER(5months) to write in the card this morning after they gave me the presents.....also DP wouldnt get up with bub when i asked him at 7 this morning...

Oh and i know what you mean about mothers day last year as i was pregnant then too and got told the same hurts

To add to it DP has yelled and screamed at me all day, apparently i can't do anything right....... i fell like sh*t under his feet....

The only good thing is watching Alexander laugh and giggle.

anyways some men just dont appreciate what they have ....but they expect everything for them and give nothing in return

Im totally with you connorsmummy.


Tamara mum to Alexander born 30/11/06

Tamara ALEXANDER 30/11/06

Hi ladies,

Happy Mothers Day to you all.

Sorry to hear you are not having the mother's day you hoped for- it is a shame that some partners are so dense that they don't get that mother's day (particularly your first) is very important to we Mums.

I suggest that you let your partner know that you are dissapointed, let them know how much it hurts that they did not go to any effort to thankyou for being the mother of their children. Let them know that you want and expect more and that next year you better get it!!!

Ask for what you want- do not sit by and silently feel worthless- let them know how you feel- how undervalued and overlooked you feel.

Tell them they still have a few hours to at least salvage some of mothers day for you- they can cook or organise dinner (take away is fine- still means no cooking), they could put the kids to bed while you have a shower or bath, they could give you a romantic massage without expecting sex at the end- just a cuddle. If they still don't step up and do something- kick and scream until they do!!!!!

Some men can be thick as bricks when it comes to realationships and how to celebrate special days such as mothers day- give him a clear guide including suitable presents and activities in the lead up to mothers day next year- bind it and call it - 'A Mother's Day Guide For Dummies'.

Take Care

Same todays been Sh!ty for me, dp and i havent been talking for about a week so i knew he was getting me anythink for mothers day, so i went out afew days ago and brough a pressie, and dp went of with his mates to play golf so i went out for afew hours, what really sucks is that im just not happy at all today all because of dp, They suck!!!!

ditto for me too! no cards, no flowers, no happy wishes - NOTHING! - his response "slight oversight".


My DH doesn't get mothers day or celebrations. I dont expect anything. But for the first time ever I said honey it is mums day so I suggest you get up and for the first time ever he did.

After the best lunch ever that I COOKED I went and go myself a treat.

I love being a mum and to be honest I make the best I can out of all celebrations now I dont allow him to ruin them for me.

Mum to 5 amazing gifts from God. 3 girls 2 boys

Sounds like im not the only one then. Well DP went out and bought a card for me and a scatchie. So i got this after lunch. But it doesnt stop me from feeling bad, because of the fact that i cried and thats what it took for him to do it.

I wish men could just learn to think about us and be romantic and loving. I am going to make sure i bring my little boy up knowing how to be loving and romantic so some very lucky girl one day will get what every women deserves. Someone that appreciates them and thinks about them.

His excuse was that he didnt have time yesterday to get me something....
Well their has been enough pulicity about it for weeks.

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