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how many dads do night duty??? Lock Rss

hi just wanted to know wether more mums or dads get up during the night with their babies/children. Which is more common?

Forgot to say : it aways used to be me who got up at night, but now DP shares, which is a great help.
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Its definately mum on duty in our house!!

DH has selective hearing and always says the next morning 'oh I didnt hear the girls, why didnt you wake me?'

It will be interesting to see how many dads get up in the night. I think I got a dud, in this!!
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Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

I've got it pretty good. I like to go to bed early and get up with the birds, where DH likes to stay up and sleep in. So once I stopped BF, DH did all the night calls (pretty much) and I would get up with DD in the morning, leaving him to have a little sleep in.

Occasionally if DD stirs in the early hours of the morning when DH is asleep (very rare) I usually get up as I hear her before he does.
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DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Greg mostly gets up in the night when needed, but it isn't often at all anymore. When Zach was newborn we would just decide at the time who was the most awake to feed him, usually Greg! He is awesome!!
Night duty????

I thought it was called MUM DUTY!!! LOL

My DB hears nothing in the night, he even slept through a smoke alarm that went off one night( the battery was flat ) The neighbours came over to see what was going on.

I kicked him one night to get up, and said "please go pick him up" after I had been up for 4hrs with a sick bub,
He jumped out of bed, arms in the air and said " baby what baby"? ( baby was 6mths old )

Dad on night duty, not in this house LOL.

But I am keen to see if there are some great Dads out they that pull their weight.


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My DH is very good at the moment but so he should be as he is off work looking after DS for a few months while I am working. But even still he doesn't wake up if DS cries (which is pretty rare now anyway), I have to wake him. Isn't it bizarre what men can sleep through?

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rvpook....I had to laugh at your post!!

My DH is hopeless through the night. One night I heard noises outside and bloody DH slept through it. I woke hm and asked him to go out and look and he was too bloody scared!! Needless to say big brave old mum went to investigate!!

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

My husband does more than 99 percent of the night duties. With my first son, if after I had breast fed, my son was not sleeping, my husband would get him off to sleep. He is always the first one out of bed when my daughter needs to be resettled. I'm very lucky and thank him every day.

Well my DH works night shift Sunday night - Thursday night. So I'm the one that gets up to DD.

However sometimes on the weekend (Fri/Sat nights), DH will get up to her if I'm really tired.


Always mum on duty in our house! Dh starts work between 2-3am so he's not home half the time! My babies sleep thru now anyway so it doesn't really matter, we sort have the old fashioned thing in our house as DH works from 2-3am - 5pm most days and I am the SAHM so I do pretty much all the domestic things, home time is always his playtime with the kids and it suits us as when he gets home I get a break to do tea etc.
It has always been solely me. Not once have I had a night off. But it comes with the territory so I'm not whinging. I also get up early and stupid stays in bed till whenever. Some people have the life don't they,lol.

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i always get up of a night. but if i have had a hard night and been up for hours i kick dh out of bed if its after 5am. so i can get at least 2 hours sleep.

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