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hey girlies.

has anyone had a birthday party fo rtheir child at maccas?

If so what was it like ?
are they reasonably price?
did the kids enjoy it?

thanks any info would be good
Yes I had my kids B'day party at maccas and they where great and well priced. It was cheaper than home and you didn't have to clean up.
Hey stranger

LOL I was just thinking of u?? wondering where ya have been!!!!

A few of Lachies friends have had parties there, the kids love it I think the price is roughly $60 upwards for probably 10 or more kids!!

I wanna come!!!!

hey tara you can come chicky.

you have been hiding on msn havnt not seen you missY.
Posted by: b4k
Yes I had my kids B'day party at maccas and they where great and well priced. It was cheaper than home and you didn't have to clean up.

no cleaning up yay
Sorry *sniff sniff* stupis msn is f**** up on me grrrr don't know whats wrong with it as soon as it's fixed I will be there with bells on!!

ask around your own town and ask what other people have thought about the party, i have to say the one that i went to i was pretty disappointed, the service was crappy and we really got the impression that the person running the party would have loved to have been any where else,

i would look into hungry jacks if i were you, they have drink machines so you get unlimited drinks which is great for kids running around nuts, you get someone special for the whole party, also you can have a theme, i think they had pirates, fairies and something else, you get a special party pack as well as the kids club meal, and i think they provide a cake to, also no cleaning up.

the one that i went to the person assigned to help also did face painting for the kids as well.
yeah my sis always has probs with msn grrrr its very annoying.

we went to a party today (2yr old)
no way in hellim holding a party at home i tellya i have a bloody headache lol
It really depends on what age group the children will be and how many children will be attending.

I have hosted a couple of maccas parties and been to plenty also. It really depends on the location of the maccas as some can be real duds where others are fantastic.

And if your forgetful like me you'll also forget to pay for it at the end like I did accidently, lol. So this one worked out extremely cheap.


P.S One of the kids at my sons school just had one at hungry jacks and it was a total disaster. They wrote down the wrong date, only put one candle on the melted cake that took 1/2hr to come out, food was cold when it finally arrived and they handed the mum all 30 cups to fill up herself with the drinks.

Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon

Hmmm parties at home are not fun, my nephew had one for his 4th birthday when I was heavily preggers with Lachie and the little buggers thought it would be fun to chase the fat woman with water pistols, soooo not fun having 12 4 yo chase u in 40 degree heat. Little sh***

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