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Worried about Mirena Lock Rss

I got it put in about 2 or 3 weeks ago, but have been spotting everyday since, is this normal?
I had a ceasar so my cervix was intact when it was put in.
Also, the other day, around where my right ovary sits in my tummy was swelled up, it was rather hard and sore to touch. I dont know if it could be ralated in any way but I am not sure if I should see the doc or if i am just worrying over nothing?
I am due to get this in a couple of weeks, I was told that it is normal to get some bleeding and spotting for the first few months after getting this inserted until your body gets use to the device.

They also said that the device has been known to travel into the falopian tube. I would get yourself checked out just to make sure that it hasn't moved especially if its causing you grief.

Good Luck

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i had bleeding for 4-6 weeks after i got mine in then all of a sudden it stopped. I have a bit of cramping every now and again, and then sometimes some really faint spotting (barely enough for a panty liner) and nothing else.

but if you are worried, go and get checked out, especially if you have pain and swelling in an area
I have one too an yep the spotting is normal. The swelling and pain isnt. Mirena puts women at a higher risk of ovarian cysts and although it is very rare it can dislodge or become imbedded. You can also have other things like a minor or small perforation or hole which is most common to show itself in the the first month. All of these things sound really bad I know, and the device is very low risk of any of these things happening, but they are still possibilities. I would see you GP tomorrow for sure. If you get nay sudden pain that intensifies, the swelling continues or you get neck or shoulder pain then go to your local Emergency Room.
Hopefully its something all very trivial and simple but better to be safe
Take care
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I have the Merina too....the spotting is definately normal, this can happen for a few months. I would go and get your lump checked though. I don't remember anything like that. It could be just still a bit tender, but who knows...
I spot maybe once a month (think it could be af?) but I don't even need a pantyliner for it...hope yours settles for you...they really are a great form of contraception!

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