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just thought ide start this up as i dont know anyone on here
how old are you, where do you live, whats your name how many kids, ages and names, are you married,single etc.
im 23, live in queanbeyan my name is page i have 2 kids,jy 3 1/2 and zak 15 months im married to jason and a stay at home mum. i hope i get to know all you ladies a bit better.
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nice to meet you jo, ive been on huggies for i while i just dont know anyone.
hey im joanne, im 20 will be 21 in 3 weeks. i have one baby his name is connor and he is 8 1/2 months. i live in morayfield, but am moving on the weekend to caboolture. a whole ten minutes away.
I am a SAHM also.

hey girls
my names naomi. im 17, a young mummy n proud of it! im from mandurah WA & i have a 4 month old son named Caleb. he is my pride and joy =) pg wasn't planned but it was a nice surprise! im also a sahm 2 n loving it. Calebs growing so fast now!

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hey connors mummy whens your bday? im 18 in 3 weeks! im june the 12th =)

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Im Katrina, I'm married to Shane. I have a 6 month old daughter, Izabella and I'm a stay at home mum also. Planning to ttc #2 this time next year.
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Jadensmum: I live in townsville too....
Hi anyways, I am Roie, I am 24 married to Tristan, have 3 kids (almost) Ben 3 Keira 1 and bubby arriving next thursday, I live in townsville.

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Hi my name is danielle, I am 23, I live in Royalla, pretty close to QBN, I have a daughter Emily who is 8 months old, I am married to James and I am a stay at home mum smile
hi danielle, beleive it or not ive never herd of royalla, but nice to meet you.
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