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Hi, who else gets told they look to young to have kids?
I'm 27 and have 3 beautiful boys 4.5, 2 and a 2mth old.
A lot of people say i look to young, i just take it as a compliment and say "thanks i'm 27."
At least i'm still full of energy to run around and play with my very active boy's. And i love to dance with them to Raggs, wiggles, hi-5.
I'm 27 as well.
And people say that to me all the time.

hi, i am 35 and having our 6th baby, every time i go out, someone says that to me, which is nice, it ususally goes" oh you don't lookold enough to have 1 baby let alone 6!' i then say ' i am 35" oh wow you look so young..
I sometimes feel 100 on the inside, when i have no sleep and days of crying screaming kids, but if i look good on theoutside, thats a bonus...
I used to get those comments...not anymore ... sad
I'm 32 now and kinda look my age which is ok I guess that I don't look older than I am but usually everybody guesses that I'm in my 30s !!
When I was 26 and went to buy cigarettes (for my DH!!) the lady asked for my ID and I was annoyed but now I wish someone would ask for it !!! I just told my friend the other day that soon they will ask for my seniors card not Id
So yeah enjoy it while it lasts
hehe, I got asked for ID yesterday! I tried to take it as a compliment though. I think the woman was a bit embarrassed, Im 30 and have a teenage son! Was probably only coz I'd just had my hair cut & coloured (no greys in sight!) and was in my posh work clothes. Normally I look like a frumpy old lady!
i get the comments a lot because i am young but luckily some people think i'm older then what i am!

One lady said to me at my garage sale "oh how much is your play pen" i said "oh thats not for sale, i had my son in it before" and she just looked at me and said "you're far too young to have a son, how old are you, how old is he"

Lets just hope there still saying that in 10 yrs time!
I get it all the time aswell. I have 3 daughters- 5yrs old, 18 months and 9 weeks. Im 23 yrs old and get so sick of people telling me that I look young!
I went for a job interview the other day and the lady that was interviewing me said that.

oh well, compliments are lovely though

Sarah, QLD- 3 ADorAbLe Daughters!!

Oh i get that so often i can predict when they are about to say it now! I am 30 in two weeks and i guess i do look young because i am only 5ft.
Last year i was in a town in the Hunter Valley buying a tattslotto ticket and was asked for ID!!! I didn't even know you needed to be over 18 to buy a ticket and when i told the woman i was 29 she still asked me for my I.D. as she didn't believe i was over 18!! (i was v. annoyed after that one)
Now i have a gorgeous little boy and i often get stares and i am sure people are wondering how old i am.

Mum to two boys (born March 07 & December 08)

yep get it all the time. My eldest is 10 now and when I was about 27 (am 31 now) I had her ballet teacher think that I was 16 and her older sister. And a couple of months ago I had a great week we went out a party and had a group of ladies think I was their age which was 25 and then at the gym 3 days later some one else choked when I said I had a 9yo, 5yo and 2yo as she thought I was her age 22. Then 2 days after that I had a marketing call ask me if my mummy or daddy were home and I said I am the mummy! Makes me feel really good as I always take it as a positive smile

"jill of all trades"

I get it too but on the phone! I'm 26 and obvisoly have a young voice and whenever a telemarketer ring they always ask if they can speak to my mum or dad. It annoys me so much so sometimes I crack it with them..say I am the mum and hang up. Other times I just say no they're not so they say ahh ok we'll ring back later then. They should just ask for Mr or Mrs whoever and not just assume!
I'm 23 in september and I have a 3yr old a 2yr old and a 4mnth old. People dont usualy say anything they just give me that look like I am too young to have 3 kids. I just stare back n say yeah they r all mine.

Hi, ive just gone 25 and i have a 12 month old.
I had my hair cut last week and the hairdresser thought i was only about 18 or 19 and couldnt belive i was a mum.
Give me the shits sometimes when im out and people give me a dirty look. It mostly comes from old people tho.....
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