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How do you tell the peadiatrician that you arent happy with him..... Lock Rss

Hi to all the mums and dads out there,

I was just wondering if any one can help me. I know that this is a touchy subject but we had our little boy circumsised when he was born and as this is our first child so no one told us what the procedure is or anything.

We had him done and now (Connor is 15months old) we have to go back and get it fixed as his foreskin has grown over again... My husband and i are not happy at all and I am feeling quite sick as I think that it should have been done correctly before.

I have since learnt that there are diffrent ways in having the procedure done but i am unsure as to why we are having troubles. The peadiatrician has said that I wasnt doing my part good enough and it has then grown over...

I am a softy and I never want to upest any one but I want to tell the doc that I am not happy and get him to fix it the way that we now no of. I hve tried to tell him but its like he isnt listening to me.

I had to see him on my own as my hubby works away so what do i do...

Sorry for such a long message but i am extremly upset and feel sick in the stomach.... Has any one got any advise for me?

Tan,QLD,Connor 2, Mackayla 2wks old

Hi Tanya

You poor thing! No wonder you are so upset! I think the doctor is rather cheeky - not only did the circumcision not work but then he says it was your fault!! Even if there was more you could have done, he should have made sure you knew exactly what needed to be done and any risks associated with the procedure!!

Could you take a friend or relative with you to the next appointment to give you help with talking to him about your concerns. It may also help for you to write down your concerns so you don't get too flustered when you are there and forget what you want to say. I think the doc really needs to know your concenrs and it is important for you (and Conner) that everything is fixed up properly.

Otherwise, is it possible to see another doctor (I realise this isn't always possible).

Best wishes! Let us know how you go.
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