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Nick Jr Merchandise Lock Rss

Not sure if anyone else has kids that like the preschool channel Nick Jr. But inb case there is was wondering about merchandise. My little girl loves (and I mean LOVES) Dora the Explorer. She started watching it when fox went digital and soon after started speaking spanish as the show is bilingual. She doesnt watch too much tv but I find for her down time in front of the TV at least the stuff holds their attention and at 2 is age appropriate. Only problem is as some shows arent on free to air like dora and blues clues (altho she hates Joe and only like the old eps with steve) the merchandise is hard to get unless you buy on ebay and the prices are often very high. Has anyone found any in "normal" stores???? So far I got one DVD opf dora target and one DVD of blues clues at JB hi FI.

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hey i may be stoopid for asking, but how come the guy on blues clues changed?? i prefer steve too!!

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There is very little Dora merchandise in teh stores we had a dora party for Bennetts first birthday all shipped over from usa.

I import lots of dora/blues and care bears stuff on ebay.


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