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I was just wandering how many languages other people can speak ( fluently) and if anybody learning any at the moment??
English is my second language and I had fun learning it I think it is easy to learn it...I speak hungarian and serbian would love to learn more but not sure what...?
English ia my first language(I'm an Aussie) But I do speak German fluently.
My husband is German (moved here 8 years ago) he also speaks(apart from German)French, Italian, and of course English.
Our son understands both English and German, and speaks a little of both.

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I speak fluent, English, Dutch and Afrikaans.


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Ah glad to hear other people love languages too ..all my friends think I'm weird because they recon I will never use them so what's the point of learning but I enjoy learning it !!!
I used to learn German in school I might start doing that again .. tried French but that was just too hard for me not sure why??
Hi, I'm very proud to say ,
I speak...English, Australian, New Zealand and American.
And yes, I'm very fluent in them all!!

Nah, Just kidding.. But I would love to learn another language.

Lol Kat..that's funny
My friend does a similar thing she says she can speak ..serbian ,bosnian and croatian which is all the same
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