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Not sure what to do, Can you help? Lock Rss

Last week I posted about me son having a sty(sp) in the eye.
Well we took him to doctor and were given antibiotics to take for a week. Well they were finished on Saturday and then today he gets up and his eye is swollen again and looking really yuck. I took him to the doctor again and was given a different antibiotic and told to come back in week.
So my dilema(sp) is do I wait out the week or take to the hospital.
He tells me that his eye is sore when we go outside so I'm guess that he is having a reaction to the sunlight. He is also having trouble opening his eye up.
Any help would be great.
hi how are you and your son ,,,,,,, id probably send him to the hospital cause the doctor doesnt seem to know what it is if he had to give you a diffren antibiotic ,,,,i wouldnt risk it so yea deffently the hospital if hes not good by tomorrow or later tonight even

Is he sure its a sty? What about things like conjunctivitis or a blocked tear duct?

Can you get a 2nd opinion from a different doctor?

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

He is sure that its a sty and even called in another doctor in the surgery to see what he thought.
What about some of those old remedies for stys like rubbing a coin on it (or some-thing like that). I'd have to google it to be sure, but I remember mum doing a few of those things with us kids when growing up and swearing by them - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I have tried the gold ring but nothing it was/is still there.
I think if you are still concerned even after seeing the doctor, that you should see someone else. Its been going on for a while now, I can see why you are concerned
Yeah, sounds bad! (I feel bad cos I told you about the gold ring thing - this sounds sore!)
My dd had a blocked duct for a year, on and off. We used to buy saline and it would really help the mucky days (but not cure it - it went away gradually). I reckon I would see an optometrist, paediatrican or another GP - seems to have been going on for a while. sad
Please dont feel bad cause my MIL said the same thing.

I am going to take him to see a different doctor in the morning and if I get told that its a sty again I think that I'll take him to the childrens hospital because for most of the day he complains that its sore.

Plus you cant be to careful when it comes to your eyes.

Thanks everyone:)]
I think that is a great idea, you need to know that everything is going to be ok. Keep us posted on how you get along please
Has the sty popped yet?

By what you have descibed it sounds as if it hasn't so place a warm (as warm as your son can stand) facewashers on it. This will help to draw the muck up to the surface, when it does open have a clean facewasher on hand to gently remove the pus.
Another way to open it is to place his head over a bowl of hot water the steam will also draw it out.
The reason he is sorer outside is because it is sesitive to light as he cannt protect it like nature wants. If he has to go outside try an eye patch until it pops. Once it starts ozzing he will have relief fairly quickly.
Did the doc also give you an eye cream? This will kill any bacteria on the outside.
My dd gets them all the time they are so sore, not nice at all.
Hope he gets better quick

mum to 5


if you are worried i would take him to the hospital for piece of mind. doctors can get it wrong. hope he is feeling better soon.
[Edited on 05/06/2007]

ali = )

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