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Not sure what to do, Can you help? Lock Rss

Yeah, maybe the hospital can help him alittle more than the doctor was able to.
You'll feel heaps better,too.
Take care mate, I hope everything works out ok.

No the sty hasn't popped yet.
The doctor give us an eye ointment but with that and the antis it hasn't gone away.
I have tried the warm face washer but nothing has happened, I don't know if its because the sty is inside the eye and not on the egde where your eyelashes are.
I had another look at it this morning and there is about 4 yellowish lumps inside the eye, so DH and I are going to take him to the hospital tonight as thats the only time I can get MIL to babysit the other 2 kids.
sounds real narsty.
How did you get on at the hospital?
Hope he gets some relief soon, poor fella wink]

mum to 5

So I took him to the hospital last night, we only waited 5mins to be seen by triage and then she took ys straight in.
Anyway after being checked by 2 doctors we were told to stop all antis as they don't do anything unless the eye is infected and is spreading down his face.
So instead of using the antis they both said to use a warm face washer and add pressure to try and pop it or to pull out his lower eye lashes until it pops:(]
If it hasn't gone in a week take back to the gp and it will have to be popped by them. But there isn't just 1 there is now 2 big ones and 1 little one.

Thank you all for your advice:)]
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