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We are looking at getting a 2nd car basically for DH to drive to work and wondering what these are like. If anyone has one or has heard good or bad reports I'd be interested to hear them.
i purchused a brand new 2005 kia rio sedan and loved it.

great on fuel, nice looking, huge boot space, great to drive and park ect.

DH is very tall (197cm) and was always squashed with a car seat behind him.

we sold ours as baby number 3 is nearly due and couldn't fit 3 car seats in the back.
we now have a kia carnival (i have faith in the kias)

Freaked2002, 3 girls 07/03 09/05 & 06/07

they look nice
I have a rio 2003 model since new. I have had no problems at all and have only had to service it.

Has been a good buy

Gold coast, DD 3.5years, DD 15mths #3 on the way

i dont have a rio, but a cerato, though test drived the rio, very nice and comfy, but i personaly liked the cerato better, and hubby liked the rio better, we had a few arguements about it but since i was paying! would definately have no trouble in choosing another kia car in future, very economical, nice to drive, and have had no probs with mine at all, only have to get the required services in kms.

Hi Ladies
Since we are on the subject of cars....sorry but can't help you - I know nothing about Kia's....However, we are trying to sell our car atm...a 2002 JEEP V8 GRAND CHEROKEE....if anyone is interested please please e-mail me......we need to sell....ASAP...ty

Thanks for your replies. It is great that they were all good reports. We are going to check them out on the weekend.
Hi, My mum has just bought a new Kia Rio and its so great! 2 other friends have the newish one's too. I haven't heard all that greater reports on Rio's pre 2003/04 but the newer models are meant to be really really good. Depending on what your wanting to spend, if you can afford to buy a new one there good value and you can get a unlimited 5 year manufactures warranty and other extras if you negotiate well.
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