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You have won 500,000 pound Rss

Just wondering how many other people have got the same email from Yahoo Lottery Organization saying that you have won 500,000 pounds sterling.
All you have to do is phone or fax the numbers provided and give them your personal details and then after confirming your identification numbers they send you the money.
There's a scam staring you in the face.
If it seems too good to be true then it usually is.

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We use to recieve these kinds of requests from our fax at work. Fax back blah blah blah. The fax numbers you send back to charge you at some unreal amount of $20 per 10 seconds, which you get on your next phone bill, so dont do it, what ever it says...

Thats why we laughed and then deleted it.
I hope you understand that this is a deception of people who will try to take your money. Never give such information to anyone by mail! You can win the lottery in another way, I personally won 4 times a small amount thanks to these guys They generate numbers that have already been used and offer you to use some of them. Read more on site if you are interested in.
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