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where is everyone from??? Lock Rss

so it sounds like most of you are everywhere but NSW. I'm feeling very lonely sad anyone from central coast???

I'm from NSW! Wagga at the moment - but I will be living in Newcastle as of a couple of weeks.
I am from the Lower North Shore in Sydney!!

Nup! I am from the Mornington Peninsula.... Melbourne.

NICOLE the people over the road are from wagga

TJae 09/10/05 Chloe 22/02/08 Emily 22/02/0

haha there are so many people out there from wagga! I'm not from here originally... I'm not sure where I am from originally - but i've lived at sydney, tamworth, gundagai, broken hill, hamilton, cobar, yanco, wagga... and now about to be newcastle... I lived in broken hill for about 12 years (coming and going from boarding school).

LoL I've been everywhere man - I've been everywhere!

i'm from shepparton in central victoria. but theres quite a few girls on here from sydney
I am from Country Vic- Gippsland, I find that so many people seem to be from Sydney or QLD!
ive lived in the same sh#ty town my whole life Deception bay qld

TJae 09/10/05 Chloe 22/02/08 Emily 22/02/0

T'Jae's mum, no wonder it's sh$#%y, have you heard what its called LOL

I am from good old WA LOL
yeah ive heard it all

TJae 09/10/05 Chloe 22/02/08 Emily 22/02/0

jess where abouts in gippsland are you? my MIL is in glennmaggie
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