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thunb sucking........ Lock Rss

hi everyone,
i need some advice on getting my 4yo girl to stop sucking her thumb. it is driving me bonkers. and i dont care what anyone say it has affected her teeth/bite.
i have tried many things and at this age you would think she should just know better!

any advice???
My first was a thumb sucker and I tried everything to stop him but nothing worked so I just left it and he stopped by himself. I also was a thumb sucker and my mum said she tried everything too and nothing worked but I eventually gave it up just before I started preschool. Both of our teeth are fine even though I had heaps of people telling me I was horrible as it would ruin my sons teeth...every child is different, some teeth get affect some don't.

Your daughter may already know of your disapproval to her sucking her thumb and may have tried to give it up many times already but usually kids suck their thumb for comfort and security and find it hard to give up. Habits that give us comfort and make us feel good are usually harder to give up.

What ways have you tried to help her as it's hard to help out as I don't know what you have already tried.

Hope she can give it the flick soon.

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

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