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so as the title says did you have your baby in a private or public hospital and how did you find it?
public aND loved every minute of it. except the pain of course, ill be going there again for #3 too when the time comes.
Public, bad with dd1 but awesome with dd2 and 3
Private of course.
Public. worst experience ever.
except for the midwife that i had while giving birth.

Private & very happy, will go back again next time.

public. But I found some of the midwives weren't very helpful and being a 1st time mum, it was really hard.
wanted private but was talked out of it as i was in a high risk catergory. I had the best private obstetricians but in a public hospital.My girlfriend went to baulkam hills private and said that she well never do it again. not only do you have to pay for a gap(usually about $3000) but they also charge you for the drugs that you have eg.Epi ($200) each dosage... Go figure.. i think unless you are definately in need of it, save that money and spend it when baby is
Public with both, Monash medical centre with DS and hated it, not a very personal experience IYKWIM? A smaller hostpital closer to home with DD and loved every minute of it, will definately go back
public, 5 times and no 6 will be as well... great experiences, no probs, looked after really well.
Public for both and found it to be good. Lucky in that the public hosp. where we are, you get your own room anyways, so that made it even better.

DSS 13yr, DS1 4yr, DS2 3yr

Public. Was fantastic and will go back there for #2. Had my own room and midwives were GREAT (well all except for one OLD one who was set in her ways about how things should be done!!)
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