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private...was a very lovely hospital more like a little village and midwives/nurses quite attentive and helpful.
loved having my own private room, although would of liked to have been told about all the extra charges for going private (not hospital fee that was only $200) eg. epidural fee etc
I had a nice birth experience and would probably go back there.

mummy to dd 20/11/2006, dd18/02/2010

Public for both mine and I couldn't fault either. I had DS in a neighbouring town as I had to be induced and at the time my local hospital didn't have the proper equipment to monitor my labour. With DD however ( 3 years later) I was able to be induced at my local hospital. The midwives were brilliant, my doctor only just missed DD's arrival (he was driving into the carpark as she arrived), after care was brilliant, we had to be flown through to Perth in the very early hours of the following morning due to respiratory distress with DD, she had her own midwife with her all night, my doctor didnt us leave until we were getting into the ambulance to go to the airport. I wouldn't hesitate to use the public system for the birth of any of my children,if I was ever to have anymore. I was more than happy!
Public for me but i wont be going to the same hospital. To long a story to tell.
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In my town we don't have a private hospital. Heck, our public hospital doesn't even have doctors to deliver bubs. We rely on docs from Logan hospital and other hospitals in Bris etc.They come for a rotation here to help us. We have babies too, even in small towns! (darn government!) If we go into labour and there are no doctors here, we get taken to Nambour hospital (bout an hour away) by ambulance. when midwives say so, we come back here and check into our hosp for follow up care. You can come back by ambulance but have to wait till one is available with a baby capsule, wait for it to get to nambour and then take you back here.

I was lucky. I had a young guy from Logan hospital who was just starting his two weeks here. He stayed on call the whole time I was in labour. Instead of 'saying my shift is up-you're off to nambour', he would go to the house the away docs stay in and come check on me all the time. I ended up having an emergency caesar and he was brilliant! The midwives are overworked and sometimes people need to remember this.(not having a go at anyone-just a general comment. It is hard to remember though when you've just had a baby!!!) They were brilliant also. Checked on me numerous times through the day. Helped with feeding bub, showering myself, engorged boobs(brought me heat packs and warm towels) one midwife brought me an iced coffee when she started her shift cause she knew i'd had a bad night and would need a pick me up and that I loved iced coffee! I had a wonderful experience. They were patient when I broke down crying not knowing how to feed Bella, broke down crying when I was overwhelmed and broke down crying cause I wanted to go home! I love them all for everything they did for me and will have no hesitation about going there again. We may be understaffed and overlooked by the health system but boy do those ladies know how to make a new mum feel confident about her new life!

I had both DDs in public but different hospitals. DD#1s hospital was fantastic.... i even had my own room, they helped with feeding, checked on me all the time, supplied nappies etc, even some clothes lol.
DD#2s hospital was also fantastic, not at all what you would think of Frankston hospital, for those who know what im talking about. I didnt have my own room, but the lady i shared with was great! and the hospital staff were great too, especially when they found her jaundice levels WAY high and had to go into the ICN for a week.
I would definitly go back to the one where DD#1 was born, as franston is now joint with rosebud and is too busy now, if there is no complications they can send you home with bubs the same day.
would also so like to add that at DD#1s hospital my partner was allowed to stay and they even catered for him aswell!!
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I went public and it was a great experience,the midwives were all fantastic and bent over backwards to help.i really could fault them at all

Hello! I went public here in Canberra at CALVARY HOSPITAL and it was AWESOME! I was so blessed with fantastic, helpful nurses and doctors and knew nothing was too much trouble or no question to silly to ask. When I was actually in labour, they were just brilliant - so supportive and encouraging. And when I needed to have an emergency c-section, they were just so professional and caring. As I was lying in the theatre getting prepped, this doctor just held my hand as I had a terrible contraction and I just remember his lovely, caring face now. So I guess it depends where you are, what kind of expectations you have etc, but I'd definitely recommend public.

ACT, 1st baby

mum to oliver my sil had her at canberra hospital and it was awful for her she had to share her room and she had to leave after 2 days and if she wanted tv she had to pay, i had my 2 at queanbeyan and i had my own room that i could share with hubby, i could stay as long as i want, the midwives were wonderful so was my doc, i had a free tv, a microwave, a fridge, supplied nappies, pads and clothes and baby wash products and you could help yourself to toast and coffee whenever you wanted and it was free. the midwives would take bubs if you needed a sleep or a rest, you could tell they just love their jobs. i coulndt have had a better time, except if i had an epi.
I went private liked the idea of having my own doctor and my mum worked in the hospital as a PSA so I knew the nurses and staff there would look after me...a few of my friends recently had babies through public and their experiences were just horrible....
Each to their own I say...

hi mummytocuties
I had my bubs in the ACT at Calvary Hospital. There is also a kitchen to help yourself to for extra snacks and drinks.

I had a single room with my own bathroom (which was a great size) but did have a 'rest' overnight in a room with about 4 beds and a bathroom that was very small. So I guess I was one of the lucky ones.
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Hello mummytocuties. Yes, I hadn't heard good things about Canberra Hospital, but friends had said that Calvary was good and they certainly were right. My friend who had her bub 10 days before Oliver went to Queanbeyan also and just loved it like you. She said she'll definitely go back there again, even though she lives in Canberra! When i visited her I was quite impressed with the huge room she had to herself, along with the fridge, microwave etc as you mentioned. Yes, at Calvary the midwives took Oliver 2 of the nights I was there so I could rest which was awesome - particularly as I'd had the c-section and couldn't move around much. I just think that when you've gone through such a life-changing event and suddenly have this little baby to start caring for and you're sore and emotional etc, the help and support of nurses/doctors around you and being in a lovely environment just helps to make you feel a lot better. I'm glad you also had a great experience afterwards at Queanbeyan!

ACT, 1st baby

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