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I had my son in a private hospital.
Wonderful experience. A smaller, maternity and surgical hospital.
Had the same midwife for 4 of the nights I was there and she was wonderful.
Didn't have to pay for the tv and was supplied with heaps of nappies, wipes etc.
Own room, great meals and they held talks every day in a common room (attendance optional).
Visited every day by my obstetrician and anaethetist even visited the next day!
Would do exactly the same next time round.

Personally, I think regardless of whether the hospital is public or private, the midwives make a huge difference.
If they are great then you will be fine!

Private for all 3, both in Oz and in Greece. Both hospitals had there positives and negatives, I would NEVER consider going public only because my Gyno doesnt do public.

I have been in private and public and i can honestly say public any day I dropped my private health and had my daughter in public as the nursing staff are much nicer and caring than private. I was in public hostipal for 9 days when i had my daughter and i just cant fault them,
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I had Bella at Calvary Hospital (Public) in Canberra. The only main problem that i had with this Hospital was it was so under staff the two days after bella was born, i didn't stay for the third. i thought i would try & make their lives a little less hectic (sp). Plus all the midwives different oppions & their own experiences made their advice abit confusing at the time but i think that's every where you go

Bella is expecting a new sibling in 6 months :0)

I had my first two babies private. The care given was fantastic. The only thing was the $$$ we ended up spending.

My last baby was public. Antenatal care, birth care fantastic but once on the ward the midwives stayed away and gave no care. There was also not enough food in the public hospital. I was starving the whole time. Had to discharge myself after a day to go home for a decent feed!

4xDDs 6yr,5yr,4yr, 1yr, EDD 26/3/10

Private - loved it and will be going back to the same hospital again!!!!!!!!

.x. Just Me & My Princess .x.

Public and it was fantastic! Having said that i had a great midwife! I think it depends on the staff when you are in labour! Not the hospital in itself as good and bad things happen in all hospitals! At the end of the day nurses and docs are all professioanlly trainned!
Of course i would have LOVED my own room but hey, the company i got from my roomie was great too!

2 baby boyz!

I had my DD in a public hospital & will be doing it again with bub # 2 (@ same hospital).

It felt like I was in a private hospital because I ended up with a room to myself & most of the midwives were fantastic.

I personally couldnt justify the cost of going private, you get the same result in the end whichever way you go!
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This would be a hard decision would have to do some recherch (which I guess is what you doing in here by asking the question )I went public for mine and I had the best expierence as the midwives and doctors were wonderful ...I dont have one bad thing to say about them.i had my own room and they took such great cae of hubby ...BUT!!!!...I had to travel past the closest public hospital to have him ..I had him at Redalnd hospital in Brisbane but the closest public hospital to me is the Logan hospital yuk, yuk yuk ..I was parinoid that I would have to go in an ambulance if I went into labour and i made all my work colleges to promise to call me a cab instead of an ambulance !!
Some public are really great and some are awfull ...heard really horrible first hand stories of the Toowoomba general hospital as well

Depends on where you are ...and in some cases what miswife is on shift when you are delivering can make all the diffrence ....good luckand let us know what you decide
I went to Logan hospital which is a public hospital for DD#2 and cannot fault them at all. They were absolutely fantastic! I had a wonderful midwife all day whilst I was there waiting for bubs to arrive (I was induced), and had a trainee ambo also there who ended up delivering my girl... his first delivery smile

I ended up staying in for 5 days (which annoyed me at the time) but I'm so pleased I did. I shared a room (4 beds in one room) and it was actually really great. We all had our curtains open and chatted whilst we ate our lunch.. We helped each other with tips about breastfeeding and so on... It was just lovely. I did get my own room on the last night as bubs was under the lights for jaundice and it was lovely too.
I even wheeled bubs out to the main desk so I could get some sleep and the midwives cared for her until she needed fed...
(there was another baby crying that sounded exactly the i thought if mine wasn't in the room I could tune out - worked a treat! lol)
There seems to be a 'thing' about having a baby and getting home as soon as possible.... It used to be standard practice that you were kept in for 5 - 6 days. I felt so good when I left hospital, better than I think I would have at day 2 or 3. It also gave me a rest as I didn't have dd#1 all over me too... My advice to ANY mummy-to-be... don't be in a hurry to leave... Make the most of all those nurses there...


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I think you are exactly right, Frances - I feel it is more about individual hospitals and your needs than just generally public/private. I had 3 weeks in a particular private hospital and a terrible, terrible time, to the point where I think I'll need hypno-therapy to re-enter a hospital voluntarily, public or private (not joking). But I can say that in hindsight, and it may have happened in public too due the many factors we had going on. I hope, original poster (sorry, i forget your name), that you can tour your hospitals and talk to people that went to them, as well as your midwives/doctors and ask all the questions you want of them, and get your "vibe" about each place. All the best with wherever you go.
i was public and will be with this one too. dd#1 was in public, the birth was fantastic and the midwife was the greatest. she had to go to special care, i was sent to a room with 3 other women in it (i was the only one with no baby- which extremely upset me) i was only allowed to see my daughter every 4 hours (feeding time) and even then it was limited, the midwives that were in special care were absolute b****es and were so rude to me. we were in hospital for 5 days over that time i had women and there babies come and leave the shared room. had to pay for tv.
this one is going public too and in completely differnt area, can only hope that it is better. by the looks of it it is, not many midwives al seem to have same advice, here's hoping that its better

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