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I hope so for you, too!! I get really upset that hospital had to be my only option with my pregnancy, because of my problems. I wish it was a lot easier to have a baby on your own than enter the medical world!! LOL (that's just me tho, don't mind my rambling!)
Private. My hospital experiance was fantastic and miles better than my many friends that have gone public. However I do believe that in some areas of Aust the difference is minimal, while in others the difference is incredible as is the case where I live. Go and check your options out.
Public.i'm a first time mum and the hospital was great.I live ina country town as well the mid wifes were the best and check on you everyday to make sure you were going o.k
Public, choose private but as the saying is nothing always goes according to plan!

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

Public for me! It was a great experience! I had no problems the midwives were fantastic as were the doctors. It didn't really bother me that I couldn't choose who I had deliver my baby I was in too much pain to worry who was there anyway!!! Once I was up in the ward I had to share a room with one other lady but she was leaving a couple of hours after I got there so it was basically I private room.
I have a couple of horror stories about people that have had a baby in private hospitals so I was quite happy to go public!! But each to their own!!

My first son was Private, which cost us around $3000 out of our pocket, plus the money we spent on Health insurance. My pregnancy and delivery went without a hitch so we decided to go public with No. 2. Second bub didn't cost us a cent. I stayed 5 days in private, and 24 hours in public. I'm glad I did it in that order though, it's so much easier second time around.

public for both mine, was fantastic!!!!!!

I went public for all 3 of my children. Used the same hospital for them all and 13 of my 16 nieces and nephews were also all born at the same hospital. We have al had good to great experiences with the hospital. Personally I beleive its not pvt vs pub it's the staff and there ethical views. I chose the birthing centre and the midwives were nothing short of fantastic. I thank the main 2 that shared my labour hours each time i look at my darling gift.

Ds 14 DD 12 DS 4/4/07

Private for both and loved it.

Midwives were lovely, very supportive and helpful. Private rooms each time and with DD I even got a huge room with a queen size bed (so DH could stay with us for a couple of nights) and a little bath so we could bath DD in our room.

Only paid our $500 excess. Will go back if we decide on another bub.

Di, DS May 04, DD Oct 06, DS July 08

Public. I was very well looked after. Only complaints I have was a couple of the midwives were a bit pushy on breastfeeding. Otherwise I had own room, tv, telephone. Everything i needed.


Hi mums

I had my son at Royal North Shore Hospital (Public) in Sydney and found it to be fanastic & I would do it all over again with my 2nd one.

The only thing I hated with the public system is seeing different midwifes instead of having your own personal doctor.
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I had all seven of my kids in public hospitals. When I had to share it was great because chatting to other mums can help with the baby blues and when there was no one to share with the privacy was great also. Best of both worlds. And it didn't cost a cent.

Karen, mum to 7 wonderful children, Qld

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