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ive read a few posts about pre school and was wondering, does your child have to go to pre school? my daughter is 3 in october and at long day care at the i have to put her in pre school?if yes at what age? and what age do they start school? i really have no idea...

Aimee, 4 year old princess

when they go to long daycare dont they just move up to different levels like they would in preschool like go up in to different rooms.
I kept my DS in long day care instead of pre primary and really regret I did. More socially, not so much academically. Friendships start to form at this age not only between the kids but also the Mums. Check what 4 year old program the child care has compared to thepre primary and make sue it is on par.....

It's personal choice really.

They don't have to go to pre-school but some parents do send their children to either pre-school or day care the year before they start school, if they haven't been going previously. It is another way of helping them get ready for school with routines etc.

You dont have to send your DD to a pre-school if you dont want to before she starts school as she is already in day care and she would be learning pretty much the same things there too. Pre-school hours are also different so if you work then they wont suit you because it is usually 9am-3pm, where as you would know day care hours are a little longer.

If you want you could send her the year before she goes to school. Children usually start school at about 5years of age. Your DD will probably go to school in 2009 if my maths is correct!! hehe
thanks for all your answers, its so confusing...when they give you your baby in hospital, they should give you info on everything!!!! lol sometimes its so hard being a mummy!!!

i think your right it will be 2009 !! only seems like 2004 and she was born gee time flies

Aimee, 4 year old princess

Time sure does fly! smile]

It is not a big must to send your child to pre-school before they go to school, but it is always good to have them do something whether it be daycare, playgroup etc where they can learn some great skills before they start school.

Don't stress to much about it, if day care suits you and your DD likes it there etc then just leave her. She will learn just as much there as she would in a pre-school. You will know come close to the time if you think she needs somewhere with perhaps a touch more structure. smile]
Is pre school the same as kindergarten? Because I would disagree with Mum2Lucas if it is. In kindy they really set them ont he path for pre primary. Kindy follows the same timing as pre school, in relation to reading, writing & maths. By the time they have left Kindy they are ont heir way to writing their names (some have accomplished this when theya re in kindy). In my expereince day care does have a 4 year old program but not as exact as kindy for rpeparing them for school. In kindy they start to learn sounds as in "oo", "a" etc. If your day care does this then great,s tay where it suits.

Hmm I think it depends what state you are in??

In NSW our Kindy is the first year of primary school. Our pre-schools are from 3-5yrs. Is this the same as where you are Naomi??

I think all day care centres are different though, depends how much emphasis they put on getting children ready for school and what kind of a school readiness program they have.
For us (WA)Kindy is the first year of "school", then pre primary, then year 1. So when they go to Kindy they are 4.

It definetly depends on the child care, it has been a while since i used day care (10years) so I am not really up with what they do now for 4 year olds, but I remember askign the question of our day care, when DS was turning 4 and they said "oh yes we have a great 4 year old program" it was no where near that of the kindy, of which I found out when he went to pre primary, the other kids were so much more advanced. OUr day care was one of the best in the area, but things could have changed since we used daycare.

Ahh okies that is probably why they concentrate a lot more on sounds etc in WA Kindy.

I really believe that all states should follow the same routine if you can call it that regarding the definition of "kindy". The WA way sounds pretty good actually but I have a funny feeling it is the only state that does it like that?
In Vic, we have 3yo kinder (optional) 4 year old kinder (most go to 4yo kinder, if not all kids) then off to school for prep then grade one etc. Would make it easier if all states were the same!!
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I agree! But the pressure these kids have on them not to mention the pressure on the teachers to teach 4 year olds how to write their names is unreal. By the time they are in year 1 they are writing stories and there are plenty of kids that just cannot mentally do this at this age and their paths are set for them there and then. They get labelled and this label follows them thru out their schooling and most times into high school. The entire education system needs an overhaul, not outcomes based (what a joke) but something that propells ALL our kids forward not just those that can keep up!

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